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I've heard people say that Amy Klobuchar is a moderate.

Let's look at her positions. 

Abolish capital punishment.

"Reform" or reduce cash bail.

(Abolish cash bail.)

Eliminate mandatory sentencing.

(Flood the streets with violent criminals.)

Make the rest of us pay for affordable housing AND offer rent subsidies.

Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour.

(Say goodbye to all federal minimum wage jobs.)

"Study" reparations.

(Approve reparations.)

Offer two years of "free" college.

(Make the rest of us pay for two years of college for other peoples' kids.)

Boost teacher pay.

(Give them more money to make our students even dumber.)

Unlimited spending should not be allowed in politics.

(The government gets to determine who wins elections.)

The Electoral College should be eliminated.

(These people choose our presidents forever.)

End new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling.

(Everyone gets to buy a donkey cart.)

Pay farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices.

(We all get to pay farmers to make our food prices higher.)

Support a ban on assault weapons.

(Support a banana on duh.)

Citizenship for Dreamers.

(Screw LEGAL immigrants.)

Back additional wall funding in broader immigration legislation.

(Eliminate immigration laws.)

Pay for infrastructure through changing taxes on corporations, the wealthy.

(Drive corporations back overseas, tax everybody, let the infrastructure continue to decay.)

Slash the defense budget (and) Keep the troops deployed.

(Klobuchar is the first mentally handicapped presidential candidate.)

Increase the capital gains tax rate.

(Tank the economy.)

Raise corporate taxes, but keep rates lower than before 2017.

(Tank the economy even more.)

Increase existing taxes on upper-income Americans.

(Discourage the wealthy from investing and starting new companies.)

We should consider holding companies legally liable for user posts.

(Ban conservatives from social media.)

Klobuchar--in trying to appeal to everyone--will appeal to nobody.

She's got at least ten deal breakers for every single voter, regardless of the voter's political affiliation.

Neither fish nor fowl.

A loser.


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