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1/ The range of foreign powers involved in the battle for Libya might make it seem from afar like an abstract game of geopolitical chess; the UAE, Turkey, Russia, France.

Up close, it’s a deeply visceral war  https://ti.me/2USyx7k 

2/ It’s hard to overstate the impact of nine years of violence on the social fabric and psyche of a nation.

In the past year alone, about 2,000 people have died, including hundreds of civilians, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes, according to the UN

3/ “Our hearts are dead,” says a Libyan humanitarian worker whose daily work involves prying corpses from rubble and fishing drowned migrants from the sea

4/ The physical war is matched in intensity by battles on TV and social media, where Libyan trolls and provocateurs are stirring up tensions between the country’s west, where the UN-backed government sits in Tripoli, and east, where a rogue general launched his bid for power

5/ Some wonder whether the country of 6 million will ever be whole again.

Read more about the civil war in Libya here  https://ti.me/2USyx7k 

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