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Following on from this, it’s worth looking at what an Independent Scotland in the EU would be likely to have in terms of power and representation in the EU based on current EU arrangements and rules.

Scotland’s population is a touch under 5.5 million, putting it just below Finland and Denmark, about equal with Slovakia, and slightly above Ireland.

It would therefore have similar QMV voting weight to these Member States in Council.

(Though in reality most decisions actually happen by consensus/unanimity, even if they could be agreed by QMV)

It would have a veto on all areas of where unanimity is required, such as the budget, tax, social security, most of foreign policy and constitutional/institutional issues including Treaty change.

It would have a seat for a ScotGov official in every committee, a Scottish diplomat in every Council Working Group, and the Scottish ambassador to the EU and their deputy in COREPER II and COREPER meetings.

There’d be a seat for a ScotGov Minister at every Council, and for the First Minister/Head of Government at every European Council*
*this and tweet 5 are excluding Eurozone only meetings

An independent Scotland in the EU could expect 13-14 seats in the European Parliament, based on what similar size MSs have now, and that there are some seats left undistributed post-Brexit. Scotland had 6 MEPs from 2009-2020.

Access to all current EU trade deals, participation in agreeing the mandate for new ones, and the power of ratification/non ratification of new ones (where they are mixed, like CETA).

A ScotGov nominated Commissioner.

Scottish citizens recruited to the Commission and other EU institutions, including as diplomats deployed around the world for the European External Action Service.

Membership and a seat on the board of the European Investment Bank, and access to loans for infrastructure, green tech and other investment.

A Scottish judge at the European Court of Justice.

It’s turn as the rotating Council Presidency.

Seats on the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee.

EU Membership would take time, and is not just automatic, but the idea that Scotland would be powerless in the EU once a member is patently untrue.

You can make the comparisons with Scotland in the UK yourself here, particularly with a UK budget coming up and Gove-led constitutional change on the horizon.

Grateful for corrections/additions to this as these were just the things that came to mind.

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