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Part 16: The Orsini Family

This is a message from The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective (Now George)

and Channel: "FEARLESS ONE" on Youtube.

The Bloodlines of The Elite and
The History of The Ill-uminati 🔺


Next hit on our list is the Orsini family; consisting of popes, dukes, counts and knights of Malta.

Just like the others, they are Jesuits, members of the society of Jesus, also known as the synagogue of satan.

They created the mafia and control it to this day.

They are the puppet masters of our governments and religions, hiding in the shadows.

The Orsini family motto is: Senza rimproveri, which means 'Without Reproach'.


Their family crest is a white-silver shield with a “Tudor” red rose and three diagonal red stripes.

The rose has a meaning so we will explain: The Tudor Rose, aka Union Rose, is a secret symbol of the mystics and cultists.

It was made popular by the War of Roses in Britain.

The symbol has a two fold meaning.

There is sometimes a double rose, (one white inside one red) representing the the two orders, Inner and Outer.

The white rose is on a pentagram, and represents the Silver Star (S.S.) outer order, the red rose which is on an upside down pentagram, represents the Inner order of the Knights Companions of the Order of the Garter, the Knights of Rhodes and Malta.

The Companions of 300 Knights of the Order of the Round Table.

They are descendants of the Maximus family of ancient Rome.

This is easily found in schoolbook texts.

However, no one ever looks deep enough to connect the dots.

We will start in the region of Orsini, an area in the Province of Viterbo, same as the Farnese's.

The name Orsini means bear.

Let's take a look.

The first Orsini we come across is Cajo Orso de Orsini, around 499 in the Roman Synod.

Pope Saint Alexander I around 112, created the title Cajo, and was suppressed by pope St. Gregory I the Great in 600.

Cajo's great grandson Ariberto, was the earliest family member in the Knights of Malta, that we know of.

If we jump to Cajo's great-to- the-8th grandson, also named Orso de Orsini, was born around 938.

We will discuss this line in a bit.

From the Cajo Orso, who changed the spelling of the name we can trace them back much further.

Pietro Orsini worked in the Church and signed papal bulls until he died in around 1073.

In 1106 Giacinto Boboni aka Pope Celestine III, was born of the Orsini family (a few used Boboni instead of Orsini as their last name during this time).

His brother, Pietro Orsini was a cardinal priest.

He confirmed the Teutonic Knights, crowned Roman Emperor, Henry VI, and excommunicated him later.

He excommunicated Alfonso IX of Leon and wanted to resign but was denied by the cardinals.

Other popes from the Orsini line, Nicholas III in 1277 and Benedict XIII in 1724.

There are numerous cardinals from this family as well, naturally.

All three of these popes made many of their family members cardinals upon entering the Vatican.


Nicholas III's brother, Napoleone Orsini Frangipani was a cardinal as well as part of the conclave for six years.

He died in 1342 and his successor was Rinaldo Orsini until 1374.

Romano Orsini, signore di Pitigliano, and Vicar of Rome was born to Gentile II Orsini, in 1270.

He married Anastasia de Montfort, Countess of Nola and they had seven children.

Sueva del Balzo married Romano's grandson, Count Roberto Orsini, in 1330.

Their son, Count Raimondo Orsini del Balzo the Prince of Taranto, married the Countess Maria of Enghien, which expanded the families wealth and land.

Raimondo became the most powerful lord in Souther Italy by the time he died in a siege in 1406.

Because he helped pope Urban VI, the Count was given license to build a Convent, Hospital and a Church.

His son, Giovanni Antonio Orsini del Balzo married Pope Martino V's daughter, Anna, and was prince of Taranto 1414.

He was assassinated in 1463 and all he owned was returned to the Vatican.

Raimondo had a brother, Niccolo Orsini, (aka Niccolo Ursins) was the Count of Nola, and died in 1399.

We see one of the few name altered here.

Ursins is the name of another one of their founded territories located in France.

Remember, the last names are markers of where they come from long ago.

Like their symbols and colors, that is how we can follow them.

The names change frequently and you as you all know royalty and the like always have a multitude of names and titles they go by.

When given ten names at birth, one can easily inter change them without easily being linked to others.

Let's take a look at Ursins aka Ursini for a moment.

Remember Cajo Orso de Orsini?

Part of the synod.


We see in the Orsini background they had a violent feud with the Colonna family which went on for quite a while and only ended because of a papal bull ordering them to make peace and for each heir on each side to marry one of the popes daughters.

So, it is after the feud we see their name change to Orsini from Ursini.

And you thought Francis Bacon who you call Shakespear wrote Romeo and Juliet from his imagination?

There is nothing new.

But let someone call it a story and see how quickly we believe.

More is true and alive and well than you can allow yourself to believe.

The Ursini tribe, named after its leader, Ursus, entered Rome from across the Rhine.

Now, don't get too excited, we are not talking about the Ursini who were found in one of the galaxies explored by the Destiny expedition in Stargate.

However, they don't just make names up.

The Ursini, once they landed in Rome, soon became equally powerful as the nobles of that time, due to their force and numbers.

Two popes from the tribe are Celestin III and Nicholas III.

They are known for being a staple family in the senate of Rome from the time they arrived.

They had a constant feud with the jealous Colonna family which after a couple hundred years was ordered to stop by a papal bull.

The heir from each family had to marry on of the popes daughters.

Once the feud was over Colonna used the name Ghibelines and the party of the empire.

The Ursini adopted the title of Guelphs and also used the name Gaetani and their cause was the church.

The eagle and the keys were used in their family crests, which we see today.

The families continued to hate each other for centuries.

Though the families viciously battled and quarrelled, no one on either side was killed...until the champion of Ursini was ambushed and murdered by a young Stephen Colonna.

Even though he violated the truce, he was placed in the senate for five years.

We see the lack of justice for the elite was evident even then

The noble families, which included the Colonna and Ursini, were sworn under oath into a secret group of Rome (a Knights of Malta of that time).

They swore to live and die with the republic and the church.

The families went on, fighting over everything.

Some things were allegedly stolen from the Colonna and the Ursini were ordered to pay them back for it all.

Peter Agapet Colonna was arrested for two crimes and the case was settled by executing Martin Ursini.

However, we can not overlook the fact that Martin Ursini was a very violent person.

He was known for numerous acts of violence, raping, and theft.

He was pulled from his bed, dragged through the street, stripped naked then told what he was charged with and what the sentence was and promptly hung on the gallows.

The families went on like this for generations.

Fighting back and forth, murdering each other, raping each other, burning each other, pillaging each other...

Until finally the public, the people, were sick of their destruction.

In a report about the families it states:

“the nobles in arms trembled in the presence of an unarmed multitude”.

One wonders if they will ever say that again?

If there would ever be a multitude against them today...?

Do you know what happened then??

The Colonna and Ursini fled to the safety of their precious senate like the cowards they all are.

It was quickly invaded by the citizens and the Colonna's escaped through a window while the crowd stoned Ursini to death at the alter.

After this, they changed the name to Orsini and relocated to the Province of Viterbo.

Now let's continue on, since we have traced them all the way back to the tribes!

Orso di Rinaldo Orsini, Signor of Monterotondo, died 1424.

He and his wife, Lucrezia d'Aldobrandino Conti, (papel elite) had a son Giacomo Orsini, Signor of Monterotondo.

Giacomo married his cousin, Maddalena Orsini and they had Clarice Orsini, who died in 1488.

Clarice Orsini married Lorenzo de' Medici, (another Papel elite) who ruled the Florentine Republic.

Three of their ten children died and one son became pope Leo X.

There was a plot to have the family killed and Clarice and the children were sent away.

One of their sons was murdered before they left and Clarice visited Rome years later, until she died.

Her husband stayed apart from her since he was in love with someone else before they were married.

He was not with her when she was dying and he didn't attend her funeral.

Although many of their lives are so tragic, we can not pity a person who knows what they are involved in and does nothing about it.

Instead of breaking from the family she allowed herself, like so many others, to be used as a breeding vessel, lived a life of solitude and because of her tolerance and acceptance, allowed the bloodline to continue.

Not only do these bloodlines have a hard time keeping their children alive due to the blood disorders, they are Luciferians.

Therefore they perform rituals, many of whom require children.

One of their children, Giuliano di Lorenzo de' Medici, was Duke of Nemours (which became Florence).

One of their daughters, Lucrezia Maria Romola de' Medici married Jacopo Salviati in 1486 and had 10 children, including:

Cardinal Giovanni Salviati, Cardinal Bernardo Salviati, Maria Salviati (mother of Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany), and Francesca Salviati (mother of Pope Leo XI).

Another daughter of Clarice Orsini, Countess Antonia Romola de' Medici, married Piero Ridolfi in 1494 and had five children, including Cardinal Niccolo Ridolfi.

Cardinal Niccolo Ridolfi was elected archbishop of Florence on January 11, 1524 by Pope Clement VII.

He was archbishop until 1532.

He was also administrator of Vicenza, Forli, Viterbo, Salerno, and Imola.

He was a hostage of Hugo of Moncada with other cardinals during the Sack of Rome in 1527.

He was also on the conclave and a deacon of Santa Maria in Via Lata as he became cardinal protodeacon.

He was a member of a special commission of eleven cardinals for reform of the Roman Curia (basically a board of directors for the pope).

On January 8, 1543 he was named Archbishop of Florence for a second time.

He died in 1550.

In 1541 we find the birth of Paolo Giordano Orsini who became first duke of Bracciano.

His grandparents are Felice della Rovere, an illegitimate daughter of Pope Julius II who married Gian Giordano Orsini, and the Count Bosio Sforza who married Costanza Farnese, an illegitimate daughter of Pope Paul III.

By now you should see how intertwined these families are and how they are all involved in the Vatican.

One nice thing about being involved in the Roman Synod, you are given a new name.

This makes it difficult to keep track of who is who as you have to keep in mind their different names, multiple spellings and variations.

Paolo Orsini married Isabella de' Medici, whom he didn't like and never lived with.

She died “unexpectedly” on a hunting trip.

The story was this, "while she was washing her hair in the morning ... She was found by Signor Paolo Giordano on her knees, having immediately fallen dead."

However, it was not believed as Paulo strangled her to death, midday, in the company of several servants and onlookers.

He carried on his life-long affair with his cousin, Troilo Orsini, much easier after that.

Isabella's sister had also had an “accident” while taking a bath just days before.

This is extremely common, most of the women drop like flies.

Paolo soon started a relationship with Vittoria Accoramboni, wife of the nephew of Pope Sixtus V.

Vittorias husband was assassinated, in 1581.

Paolo and his mistress fled to northern Italy, as they were wanted by the pope and the police.

They married on 20 April 1585 and he died on November 13, 1585. December 22, Vittoria was assassinated by Ludovico Orsini.

The circle was complete.

Such waste of life.

They live and die like the animals they allow themselves to become.


Paolo and Isabella's son, Virginio Orsini, had been born in 1572 and became the second duke of Bracciano.

As a member of the Orsini family he was a knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, like every other Orsini.

He married Flavia Peretti, who was related to the murdered husband of Vittoria.

They had 11 children, including Paolo Giordano who became a prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night, opens with the character of Duke Orsino saying "If music be the food of love, play on.”

Orsini died in Rome in 1615.

Although his son Paulo had no children, his other son, Ferdinando Orsini III, duke of Bracciano produced a son, Flavio Orsini IV, duke of Bracciano with his wife, Giustiniana Orsini.

Flavio, born in Lazio, Italy in 1620 became a cardinal as well and died in 1698, childless.

If we move our gaze to Turkey, where a strand of the bloodline is as well, we find Toma Ursini, who served as an Archbishop of Antivari in 1598.

He was part of the Franciscan Order of Jesuit and made a Franciscan monastery.

In 1650 we come to another pope, Pietro Francesco Orsini (aka Vincenzo Maria Orsini, pope Benedict XIII, and Benedictus XIII).

Son of Ferdinando III Orsini, duke of Gravina, became the bishop of Manfredonia, bishop of Cesena and then archbishop of Benevento.

His life-long friend was mystic Serafina di dio (which means Seraphim (an angel) of god) whose real name was Prudentia Pisa, which he cannonized after she died.

Orsini was a member of the Dominican Order, a Jacobin, elite Jesuit Order.

The Order was created for one purpose, to defeat heretics.

Remember, that's all of you who spread the truth.

He enjoyed making huge displays during masses, which created a disturbance.

During his time as pope he canonized and sainted a multitude of people.

He expanded the church by elevating 29 cardinals and consecrated over 100 bishops.

He passed a papal bull which encouraged all in the Dominican Order to gather members and train them.

After several denied attempts to turn him into a saint, since his death in 1730, it is being decided now if he will be a saint or not.

One of the families monstrosities, The Palazzo Orsini, in Rome was put up for sale a few years ago.

They were selling it for £26 million.

It was built in 13 BC and is what the Colosseum was fashioned after.

Just as we saw with the Farnese family Pentagram Castle which is what the American Pentagon is formed after.

They always use the same symbols, signs.

They cannot create anything new, only repeat copy and distort.

The painting 'The Battle of Anghiari' by Leonardo Da Vinci includes two knights: Lodovico Trevisan and Giovanni Orsini.

Like most paintings, they include the real people of the time.

That fact should make art just a bit more interesting to some of you.

The paintings before a hundred years ago, are either symbolic of a person's ideas, feelings, or life, or they are actual events depicted.

They are not simply blobs of paint that we now call "modern".

The artless generation of today.

Art is the unspoken story especially in these families, art is all we allowed to see museums.

In history, what we are allowed to see is controlled.

The items and paintings, the people and the positions there are in, the color of paintings, they mean things.

This is how the occult mind works and these are the families of a cult.

The statues we see decorating the government buildings in most countries and especially those in Rome are statues of people from these families.

Don't be deceived because they tell you it is lady liberty or Hercules as we discussed briefly about the Farnese family, Hurcules and Athena are from their bloodline.

The original statues are still owned by the family today.

Unlearn what you have been told, learn truth.

Another main vein of this bloodline we can find with Francois Marie Orsini, born in 1638 in Corsica, France.

His son Ferdinand was born 1709. His grandson, Xavier Orsini had 14 children with his wives Magdeleine Benigni and Angele Catherine Mattei.

Born in 1773 he was a sea man until 1829 when he died.

His grandfather was Ferdinand Orsini.

Xavier's grandson, Dominique Orsini born February 13, 1847 married Philomena Mattei and had 10 children including Pepe Dominique, son of Ours Toussaint Orsini and Anne Marie Santini, died in 1922.

Pepe Aurelius Orsini, born July 25, 1890 in Corsica, France died 1891.

January 14, 1858 bring a bit of good old family fun into the spotlight, once again.

Felice Orsini decided that the French ruler, Louis Napoleon, was in the way of his revolution and tossed a bomb into the dictator’s carriage.

He apparently did this in order to unify Italy.

Abraham Lincoln had this to say about him:

"he is 'an enthusiast' [who] broods over the oppression of a people till he fancies himself commissioned by Heaven to liberate them.

He ventures the attempt, which ends in little else than his own execution.”

After being executed two months later, he is yet another piece of proof that these, unorganized, fanatical tactics do not work to accomplish at all.

This is why for anything to change, we must unite.

However, he did write a very humorous book about his adventures.

Around this time, we see the Jesuits gain full control in America, after trying for 95 years.

Though they founded it, they were known in those days and unable to get into power, so they waited.

Thomas Jefferson, a Freemason who was cautious of the elite Jesuits, copied much of the Declaration Of Independence from the Mechlenburg Declaration, which kept them on a leash.

Americans really were free and independent, for a moment.

In 1871, the original Constitution for the United States of America was changed to the Constitution OF the United States of America, which was written by the Jesuit Roman Catholic Pope after a financial deal to help the struggling economy.

This is also when the Vatican created their third city-state: Washington D.C.

Was the White house named so since it is the house owned by the White Pope?

Felice Orsini had two sisters, Filippa Maria and Irena.

Filippa married Francesco Giovannucci and had nine children, several who were in the military.

She died in Massachusetts, USA in 1920.

Irena Orsini married Gaetano Presutti and they had three children.

She died one year after her sister, also in Massachusetts.

There are selected areas the elite live in in MA like most New England states is under very strict control of these bloodlines.

These bloodlines are the Italian Mafia.

The Roman Catholic soldiers who settled there from Italy.

Evidence of the Jesuit control of this North Eastern region is overwhelming.

Though the children had their fathers last names, today it's easy to find the Orsini name in many of the politicians and leaders in America and hollywood stars.

The elite Zoroastrian Jesuit Luciferian families are so large they are easily able to take over entire areas of our lives.

The Italian, main strain of the bloodline attempts to continue to hide in the shadows of the Vatican as Knights of Malta and other Jesuit leaders.

Ron also called Roy Orsini was murdered by his wife Mary Lee Hatcher in 1982.

She also conspired a very detailed plan to murder another.

The media went crazy over the news and it became one of the most sensational murders of Arkansas history.

Mary Lee confessed weeks before she died of a heart attack in 2003.

Today some Orsinis are: Alessandro Orsini born April 14, 1975 and is the director of the Observatory on International Security at the University LUISS "Guido Carli" of Rome.

He teaches Sociology of Terrorism for the Department of Political Science and director of the site Sicurezza Internazionale.

During his time at MIT his focus was on the psychology of islamic terrorism and continues today and have contributed to his books.

He is a member of the Committee for the Study of Jihadism which was set up by the Italian Prime Minister.

Also a member of the Editorial Board of the academic journal called Studies in Conflict and Terrorism and a former member of the Radicalization Awareness Network created by the EU commission.

Like a good elitist.

Orsini speaks at the places one would expect, such as Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Boston College, Brookings Institution, Trinity College, and other Jesuit schools.

Nicoletta Orsini and John Orsini are two others with this last name who work at the school as well.

The school was founded by a few business men and bankers including one of forbes wealthiest men in the world of 2003, Umberto Agnelli.

He was a Knight Grand Cross and received two honorary awards from the order.

You should be able to notice by now.

This jesuit college will only have selected teachers in it.

Over in the USA, Brad Orsini, born 1963, the son of James Orsini.

James was born in Italy, the grandson of Peter Orsini and Julia Orsini.

Then Marine Lt. was married in a Roman Catholic Church (naturally) to Carolyn Carlin.

Bradley is director of Jewish community security under Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

He is an ex FBI agent.

The Jewish community is working closely with the FBI to ensure their safety as a community thanks to Brad Orsini.


When one looks into his background.

We find in September 2001 Special Agent Bradley W. Orsini was demoted and received a 30-day suspension without pay for a series of policy violations that occurred from 1993 through 2000.

These included but are not limited to having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate, making improper vulgar and sexual comments, forging names and initials on chain-of-custody forms, evidence labels and interview forms.

He threatened a subordinate with violence and improperly documented the seizure of a weapon and ammunition from a search.

This is a small list.

As we can see by not only see by his picture but his past, he is a meathead.

He was awarded the Western Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Agency Directors Award for leading the FBI response to several false flag events including the Franklin Regional High School stabbing and the Monroeville Mall shooting.

He was also awarded the FBI Director Award for Excellence in Training and Professional Development.

[Of course]

The Orsinis are into movies, fashion and of course other entertainment.

One Italian Roman Catholic actress. Isabella Orsini has been married to Belgian Prince Eduardo de Ligne.

They received personal congratulations from Pope Benedict the sixteenth.

Their children are Princess Althea Orsini de Ligne and Princess Athenais de Ligne.

Isabella is daughter of Lolita Rossi and member of the order and jesuit Mario Orsini.

Also the god daughter of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Her brother is David Andrea Orsini who now owns a leather bag company.

A few of the other actresses are Kate Orsini.

Sex kitten Valerie Orsini and Marina Orsini who was married to Canadian actor Serge Postigo for some time.

When Marina was asked about her family, she responded:

“My family makes me feel wealthy, that is the place where I feel at my best: secure, completely myself.

It’s an energy that feeds you, it’s absolutely the best feeling in the world.

There can be so much pressure with life, with work, socially you have to perform.

Family provides a shelter from all of that pressure. I could never imagine being too far away from them.”

Well... we cannot imagine being too far away from these families either.

So we will continue watching them, exposing them, one by one.

So everyone can share the "wealth".

Alvise Orsini, an interior designer and pride of Venice, though it seems he tries to keep quiet the fact that he is a bloodline Prince.

He has no problem displaying this atrocity for all to see.

We will also find in the Orsini family today.

The grey pope.

The grey pope is always, Always,
Always of the elite papal blood.

The white pope and black pope are just pawns.

Pope Francis and Adolfo Nicolas are nothing.

Their blood has no value, just like their meaningless lives.

They are Only faces.

And the one who controls them-their master- is Pepe Orsini the Grey Pope of the Jesuits and the most powerful man in the world backed by the elite papal families, of course.

Henry Breakspear in Macau, China is next in line for succession.

Jesuit Pepe Orsini is also known as Orso and also goes by the families ancient name Maximus.

Know your true enemy.

We are united and we will not forget what a Jesuit Piece Of Shit looks like.

We enjoy the constant reminder of our target.

We never forget what our enemy is.

We are Anonymous Patriots.

We expose the Synagogue of Satan.

We are the light in the Darkness.

Message to Jesuit families... expect us!


--END Part 16: Orsini--

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