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This seems bad policy. It’s our DUTY to treat all human beings, & that includes murderers & other criminals & racists. We risk our lives to provide care in epidemics. What are bad words compared to that? What if patient has Tourette’s,TLE, or intoxication? 

This ad, for an episode of the hit TV show ER, showing an all-black medical team still trying to save the life of a man in full KKK regalia, is powerful precisely because it illustrates this fundamental truth about our duty as health care providers. 

Nor do I think a pharmacist can pick and choose which prescription to fill (eg abortifacients lawfully prescribed) based on their own morals.

Responses have fascinated me. How about this: just as I wouldn’t countenance a health care worker refusing to treat a homosexual, so too would I not support a health care worker refusing to treat a homophobe. Very nature of the health professions is about caring for *all* humans.

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