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I wish our politicians got better at talking about why, the leap is too big for lots of folks to make. If people are making billions and not paying a living wage, then those billionaires are making their wealth off a government subsidy that keeps people alive but not mobile.

Every time someone asks the question, should billionaires exist, I think the right answer is: if every employee a billionaire employs can make a living wage and has space to have upward mobility, then we can talk about billionaires existing.

At this point, they are billionaires because they are leaches off the government to train and keep a workforce.

The more I think about it, the angrier I am at the question: should billionaires exist? That is the wrong damn question.

So much of the next few years is going to depend on our ability to reject the premise of the framing we are given.

How about asking Michael Bloomberg what percentage of the people employed through his enterprises make a living wage? What about asking what percentage of the companies in his stock portfolio guarantee a living wage to their employees?

I want @AOC or any of those candidates on that stage to say: The framing of that question is wrong and this is why. It doesn't get to the heart of what you are finding out, it is meant to make people feel like there is a cap on the success any one individual should have.

When in REALITY we've already put that cap on people's heads by allowing a rich person to make their wealth by underpaying their employees and shirking their tax liability to their government.

The question isn't should billionaires exist? I have no role in that. The question is to what extent is a government liable for allowing an individual to take advantage of the workers the country has trained and also making them the workers the country then has to feed.

What kind of responsibility do your government officials have in not allowing this kind of extraction to happen? Cause let me tell you, they are 100% responsible for that.

Especially if the reason they continue to let it happen is that they as individuals are afforded a soft cushion for retirement in exchange for the freedom of the majority of American workers.

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