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This is a thread on recent layoffs of thousands of high-skilled American workers. When #OpenBordersInc lobbyists & Swampers lie about desperate need for foreign labor, send them here. Let's start w/Wayfair: 550 US IT workers pushed out this month. /1

Online travel company Tripadvisor laid off 200 American workers last month - 5 percent of its total workforce.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-23/tripadvisor-cuts-hundreds-of-jobs-after-google-competition-bites  /2

Boston-based LogMeIn, an online meeting place & IT tools firm, laid off 300 US workers last month - 8% of its workforce.  https://www.wcvb.com/article/boston-based-logmein-laying-off-8-of-workforce/31037817  /3

Silicon Valley companies Zume Pizza, VMWare, Shutterfly, Intel, Comcast, Xilinx, 23andMe & NortonLifeLock will lay off more than 1,000 US tech workers in the next few months.  https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/02/14/tech-job-cuts-totaling-1100-jolt-silicon-valley-east-bay/  /4

AT&T has engaged in a massive layoff campaign as it outsources American jobs to India. @4US_Workers estimated at least 3,000 finance jobs were outsourced last year to Accenture==>  https://insights.dice.com/2019/12/30/att-layoffs-outsourcing-h-1b-denials/ 
 https://www.axios.com/trump-att-outsourcing-h1b-visa-foreign-workers-1f26cd20-664a-4b5f-a2e3-361c8d2af502.html  /5

Macy's shut down its entire San Francisco tech office & laid off 831 US workers, incl. 24 software engineering managers, 74 software engineers, 91 senior software engineers & 45 software technical leads. /6


Walgreens laid off an undisclosed number of headquarters employees in October. Rumors swirling of nearly 1,000 more US tech workers to be canned after Indian outsourcer TCS sealed $1.5 billion deal.
 https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/28/walgreens-cuts-jobs-at-its-us-headquarters-as-drugstore-cuts-costs.html  /7

Uber layoffs topped 1,000 in 2019. The latest round axed 80 US tech worker jobs in LA this month, which will be outsourced to Manila ==>  https://www.forbes.com/sites/janetwburns/2020/02/21/ubers-latest-numbers-layoffs-and-rider-tool-suggest-more-trouble-ahead/#2d4509482a24  /8

Lyft laid off 90 US tech workers last month & nearly 400 last fall, even as its H-1B visa approvals doubled==>
 https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/10/17/h-1b-uber-snatches-up-more-foreign-worker-visas-as-it-lays-off-hundreds-of-employees/  /9

UCSF medical center outsourced 100 of its American IT staff to Indian company HCL last month. The US workers are foregoing severance pay in order to sue for discrimination.  https://www.indiawest.com/news/business/laid-off-it-workers-plan-to-sue-uc-san-francisco/article_6104ca1e-25c3-11ea-9402-97b9f2e4a418.html  /10

Baptist Health slashed 40 US medical coding jobs last fall & outsourced them to AGS Health. /11  https://www.wdrb.com/news/business/baptist-health-coding-jobs-being-outsourced-to-company-with-locations/article_2337dcd8-e150-11e9-8dc6-1b20c296f8c1.html 

Food distributor Sysco announced last month it was firing its entire customer service dept & transferring all those US jobs to Indian outsourcer Cognizant /12

Tech startup WeWork cut more than 400 high-skilled U.S. jobs in NY in December, part of a global 2,400-employee layoff campaign. /13  https://qz.com/1766155/wework-to-lay-off-400-new-york-employees/ 

American Family Insurance just unveiled 200 U.S. IT worker layoffs 2 days ago. /14

Announced 3 wks ago: Tennessee Valley Authority "is moving to outsource about one of every five jobs in its information technology office" -- at least 120 more US tech worker jobs buried by April. /15

Amway has slashed nearly 200 tech jobs since last fall, incl. 50 more just last week, many of them in crucial battleground state of Michigan. /16

UPS subsidiary Coyote slashed 30 IT workers from its Chicago office two weeks ago. Rumors are that more layoffs in the UPS SLC office are coming. /17

Comcast shed 52 US workers from its technical division in WA last month. In 2019, Comcast applied for 603 H1B visas. Of the work permits applied for, 90% were approved /18  https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/business/article239548013.html 

Tech startup Lime laid off 100 US workers in January, following on the heels of Bird (~70), Unicorn (24) & Getaround (150).

High-tech Karma Automotive just announced layoffs of 60 US high-skilled workers from its Irvine CA headquarters. /20  https://techcrunch.com/2020/02/12/karma-automotive-to-lay-off-60-more-workers-at-california-headquarters/ 

Health care IT giant Cerner has laid off about 400 American IT workers since last fall. Cerner filed 2426 LCAsfor H1B & 463 labor certs for green cards from FY2017-2019.

Oracle laid off 400 US tech workers last summer & shut down its entire flash storage division. /22

Samsung booted an unspecified number of US software engineers from Austin TX R&D office while hiring 1,000 R&D engineers based in India. /23

Online auto info firm  http://Edmunds.com  slashed 122 US tech workers last month. /24

Wichita-based Textron Aviation laid off 875 high-skilled workers by end of last year. /25

Morgan Stanley laid off 1,500 US tech and ops workers at the end of last year.

Spirit AeroSystems announced last month it was laying off 2,800 US engineers & other high-skilled workers.

Browser company Mozilla announced layoffs of 70 US tech workers last month. /28

Software company UiPath laid off 400 US tech workers last October, with more on the way -- more than 11% of its workforce. /29

Customer service company Alorica laid off nearly 500 US workers in Florida & nearly 150 in Wisconsin as it announced 9,000 newly hired offshored workers in the Philippines. /30

Plexus laid off more than 104 US engineers last month.

Cisco laid off 500 CA-based analysts, biz ops managers, designers, engineers, tech leaders & product managers across engineering, marketing, software development & public policy late last summer./32

Ancestry announced 100 US tech worker layoffs this month - 6 % of workforce. /33

SF health care IT startup Clover Health slashed one-quarter of its high-skilled workforce last spring - 140 US workers laid off.

Financial services giant State Street laid off 250 US IT workers as it shifts workforce to India, China& Poland. /35  https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2019/09/13/state-street-lays-off-250-it-workers-in-latest-job.amp.html 

Anthem laid off upwards of 2,000 IT workers last year while hiring 4,500 Indian & 1,500 Filipino tech workers. More notices expected to drop this week. /36

TransAmerica laid off 100+ US tech workers at the end of 2019 after signing $2 billion deal with Indian outsourcer TCS in 2018 /37

Verizon laid off 150 US media/tech workers in December. The year prior they laid off 44,000, w/2500 Indian jobs going to India. /38

Mass Mutual has laid off hundreds of IT workers over the past 4 years while partnering w/outsourcer Cognizant & "rebadging" US tech force. Another 160 laid off last spring. /39


Tech firms cut 64,166 jobs in 2019, up 351% from 14,230 in 2018. My US high-skilled worker layoff thread is now 40 posts long. I will keep going. /40 RT to @realdonaldtrump @senmikelee @cpac @ivankatrump
#ThereIsNoAmericanTechWorkerShortage #OpenBordersInc #ImmigrationMoratorium

The next 10 posts will extend back 5-10 yrs for sake of thoroughness & scope of this thread. Everyone, of course, knows about 250 layoffs of Disney tech workers replaced by H-1Bs. Many of the Disney workers campaigned for & with Trump. /41

Carnival laid off 250 IT workers & outsourced the jobs overseas in 2016.


Abbott Labs laid off nearly 200 US tech workers after inking a deal w/Indian outsourcer WiPro four yrs ago.

Emblem Health sabotaged its IT workforce when it sold out to Cognizant in 2016, outsourcing 250 US tech jobs & still laying off workers 3 yrs later in 2019. /44


Harley Davison outsourced US tech workers in 2012 and again in 2015 to Indian Infosys /45

Cargill laid off 900 US tech workers in 2014 & outsourced the jobs to Indian firm TCS; slashed more US IT jobs in 2015. /46

Northeast Utilities outsourced half its IT workforce in 1 of most infamous foreign replacements of last decade. 319 US workers laid off. @dcgov published defiant last stand of doomed workers in 2016. /47


@dcgov Best Buy sacked 400 US tech workers in 2017 & outsourced their jobs; the company entered into agreement w/Indian firm Accenture back in 2003-04. /48

@dcgov Another of the most infamous H-1B replacement fiascos: SoCal Edison in 2015. 500 US workers laid off & replaced by Indian firms Infosys & TCS; congressional hearings led to...nothing. /49

@dcgov My US high-skilled worker layoff thread just hit 50-post mark. Qualcomm: 300 US tech workers laid off in 2019; 1500+ in 2018; 4700+ in 2015. 30k H-1B visa applications in 2019.

@dcgov This is #51 in my #ThereIsNOAmericanTechWorkerShortage thread. Fresh news from Expedia just yesterday: 3,000 tech workers to be laid off--incl. 500 in the Seattle headquarters. /51

Entry #52 in my mega-US tech worker layoffs thread. Nationwide Insurance now laying off up to 500 US worker. Jobs going to Indian outsourcerCognizant.
@USTechWorkers @AmWorkCo @4US_Workers #AmericaFirst #HireAmerican @IvankaTrump

Breaking: #53 of my mega-US tech worker layoffs thread. Assemblers, engineers, machine operators & manufacturing cell lead at Respironics Novametrix LLC in CT will all be terminated by end of year.
#AmericaFirst @USTechWorkers @AmWorkCo @4US_Workers

This is how disgusting #OpenBordersInc rhetoric is. Hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN workers are laid off, but Indian outsourcing lobbying is pressuring U.S. politicians to give them more green cards because not caving in is "ethnic cleansing" & murder.

Another blow for US workers. No sympathy from ConInc-ers posing as #AmericaFirst -ers. Not a word:

Entry 54 in my mega-US worker layoffs thread: Tyson Foods is laying 331 IT workers & outsourcing to an unnamed "3rd-party digital technology company."

I started my U.S. IT workers' layoff mega-thread on 2/24, before pandemania. Here is entry #55: @Airbnb is pink-slipping a quarter of its entire workforce...1900 workers==>

#ExpandTheBan @USTechWorkers @AmWorkCo @4US_Workers

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