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The Russian Air Force has committed war crimes in Syria, UN investigators say, by bombing IDP housing and double-tapping a busy street market. Last December, we reached the same conclusion using intercepted cockpit recordings. 

A busy commercial street in Maarat al-Numan was bombed twice on July 22. A Russian pilot can be heard confirming these strikes, saying he “sent candy”. At least 43 civilians died, the UN says in today's report, including three girls and a boy. 

A month later, on August 16, a housing complex for displaced families was bombed — killing at least 20. Today's UN report pinpoints the attack to Russia. In December, we reached the same conclusion, using witness videos, flight logs, and cockpit tapes. 

The UN report also states that the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army had committed war crimes of murder and pillage, including the killing of Hevrin Khalaf. Turkish commanders could bear criminal responsibility if the fighters were under their effective command and control.

You can read the full report (A/HRC/43/57) of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria here: . The sections on the two Russian Air Force attacks mentioned above can be found in Annex II.

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