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1/We have been experimenting with a lot of models for @Inside over the year and we figured out one that works really well. Thought I would share it here and get your feedback.

2a/We offer writers $20,000 a year to do 200 issues a year. We offer subscribers to pay $100 a year for those 200 issues.

2b/We expect the writer to ALREADY be somewhere between very knowledgeable & an expert in their field (10k+ followers, verified on twitter typically)

3/We expect that paid NL can get to 250 paid subs in 12-24 months — which is basically break even. We make the NL paid Monday through Thursday & provide “Free Friday’s” for everyone.

We sell ads in Friday’s newsletter

4/This is working well for  http://inside.com/VC ,  http://inside.com/XR ,  http://inside.com/dev  &  http://inside.com/nocode  so far

5/We are looking for writers who don’t want to work for free & take the risk themsleves, but who are also not clock-punching (i.e. they are passionate about the space & obsessing over it because they love the topic)

If this sounds interesting to you, my DMs are open... pitch me!

You can follow @Jason.


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