Florian Krammer @florian_krammer Viruses, viruses, viruses and vaccines Professor at the Department of Microbiology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Mar. 07, 2020 1 min read

1) I am getting a little annoyed at people responding to my tweets saying 'why do you even believe the Chinese numbers' and 'China was hiding this' etc. There is something we all need to keep in mind: China bought us time and we wasted it.

2) It is easier to believe numbers from the Chinese government than in no numbers at all. I am sick of people blaming the Chinese. Chinese health care workers are heroes and many of them payed with their lives for responding fast to this.

3) Millions of Chinese people were and are under a lockdown that bough us time. Would any of our Western countries have done the same? Did we contain this? China uses lockdowns and great technology to manage this. We can't even test large numbers of people.

4) So, please stop pointing fingers and motivate your own governments to act. These comments are wrong and not constructive, especially not at this point in time. I will block anybody who makes them.

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