Karla Monterroso #CloseTheCamps+ Your Authors @karlitaliliana CEO @CODE2040, Board Chair for @1Deg, @USC alum - Connected, passionate, heart-driven, wanderlust, change maker. #WiseLatina 🇬🇹🇲🇽 PN: she/her/ella Mar. 09, 2020 2 min read + Your Authors

I’ve spent a lot of time in my heart for a variety of reasons this week and some of that introspection has truly been to understand how to show up for people when their own pain is so blinding they reach for the nearest verbal weapon to bludgeon with.

I deeply want to show up for this moment. I want to show up in full-throated support for a set of ideals I believe in. Because man, when I see how many of the young folks in my community are giving it all to show up for a different path, I’m genuinely moved and brought to my feet

Nothing removes my worry for how white supremacy and the way whiteness works has infected a movement I believe in deeply. This is not to say any other campaign hasn’t moved w/whiteness because we live in America and their are no innocents in the pursuit of Presidential power here

But that’s the thing I wanna be with folks around, none of us are not infected by it. Divide and conquer, either/or thinking, the pursuit of one hero, perfectionism, individualism, power hoarding, defensiveness, the right to comfort for just one community - it’s in us all.

But I want to choose to look in all the tough and tender places of my story where I have been rewarded for using these strategies or have been at the blunt force end of them, to heal and grow, together.

That is so much harder to do personally but it makes coalition so much more possible when we do it. So many people are utterly heartbroken and/or desperate right now. And what I am really trying to remember is how that changes how we be.

I don’t know, I may just be rambling at this point but I see that clip of @AOC and I just want folks to know - a lot of us feel the desperation. Getting to the other side of it requires that we not only center it in ourselves but reach to see it in each other.

Legitimately, our freedom needs us to see it. That doesn’t mean we just put up with anger, we make boundaries, we keep to them. Dogmatically. But it does mean the utility of centering one person in pain in a two person conversation ain’t it. Not when you’re building a movement.

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