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How are you encouraging people you love to stay home?

I'm finding that a lack of consistent guidance across cities makes it difficult to show people why it's so important right now—but here are some ideas to overcome that. 

The federal government's 15-day "plan" is not aggressive enough.

Instead, I'm following @sfgov's shelter-in-place order, which has clear, detailed directions in an easy-to-read, multilingual FAQ format: 

I understand the urge to help at this moment. Everyone wants to keep helping.

But the best way to help everyone right now—at least for the next few weeks—is to stay home and interact with as few as people as possible. 

We've all seen the @washingtonpost visualization. Social distancing won't work if we're still living our normal lives.

This is what we should imagine happening every time we leave our homes—we are putting more of those gray ping-pong balls into motion. 

Staying home will save lives *in your neighborhood.*

Limiting your daily interactions means you are protecting the people you normally see every day—your neighbors, your bus driver, your barista. You are protecting someone else's parents or grandparents. 

Two other pieces that really got me to a better place with all of these tough decisions:

@TomKludt on "9/11 brain": 

@jmooallem on the aftermath of the Great Alaska Earthquake: 

It’s hard to grasp the idea that one person can make a difference. But stopping infectious disease is all about individual action.

“We are all first responders,” @MayorOfLA said this week. We can do this together—by being apart. #StopTheSpread #StayHome 

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