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After making the drive between Wisconsin and Alaska what, seven times now, I’ve come to divide the journey into two roughly equal parts: the days when you can pee by the side of the road and the days when you can’t.

One time in the Yukon we were exhausted and finally found a lodge to sleep in and in the morning it became clear that we had accidentally squatted for the night in an abandoned building and other squatters had charged us $100 for it

They took debit card though

They were like, we don’t have a machine for cards but can just you write your card information on this sheet of lined paper, right after the names and card numbers for everyone else who’s stayed here?

And we were like huh now it is starting to make sense why there’s no heat or running water and the bed in our room was nicely made but had slept-in sheets and there’s an OUT OF BUSINESS sign outside

If I recall correctly we rummaged around the truck outside and found like $43 cash in American money and were like, look, this is all the cash we have, can we just give you this instead? And they were like, sweet

We also gave them snacks

TripAdvisor rating 6/10, would stay again in a pinch but recommend bringing your own sleeping bags

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