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Why "learning" ≠ progress: (thread)

This is a question that gets asked frequently in the @visualizevalue community.

Many people think they're separated from their goals by their ability to retain and recall information.

Unless your only goal is to win trivia games, you're wrong.

"How do I learn faster/better?"
"What techniques should I use?"
"What books should I read on learning?"

My suggestion: don't do any of those things, start a project that forces you to produce something.

Without a channel for output, obtaining more information will just make you sluggish. (digestive metaphor in there somewhere)

If you're obtaining information in the context of a project that creates an output - it suddenly becomes much more useful.

If you're reading this, the only barrier to entry for creating original content/product exists in your own head.

Now you've read this, it shouldn't.

"Begin with the end in mind."

I want to help people learn x.
I want to help x businesses solve y.
I want to help people like me get z.

It's OK to be dreadful at it to begin with. (you will be)

It's OK to decide the first thing you tried isn't the thing you want to keep doing forever. (it won't be)

It's OK to admit you don't know everything about everything. (you can't)

Just do something.

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