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Good question. I have almost never seen her scared, or at least showing it. Sometimes she’s daunted by the things she knows she has to do, but it seems to make her even more determined to do them.

Though now that I think of it, she does get a little stressed by thunder storms.

And then you have dogs who are afraid (at least at first) of literally everything. Like Boo.

Or like Boo’s mom, Jenga.

It can take them a long time to feel comfortable with new things. They need the space to take their time—their feelings can’t be rushed—and they need to know their friends are beside them.

More than anything else, I think our more fearful dogs need to know it’s okay to be scared.

Nobody’s rushing them.

Nobody’s telling them they’re wrong.

We’re here for them, however they feel.

Their world can be as big or small as they want. And we love them.

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