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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's Rose Garden speech with Trump got major press. Less covered:

*CA prosecutors sued MyPillow twice for false advertising, settled both.
*A nationwide class action settled similar charge.
*Better Business Bureau gave it an F.

Trust it with PPE? Thread.

Lindell made clear MyPillow is not doing this for free. There has been little scrutiny of any contracts that may exist and quality-control measures in place.

Here’s what Lindell told a Fox affiliate when asked if he’s being paid. 

My Pillow, HHS, and the White House have not responded to my inquiries asking for details about any contracts, parties and terms. I will update as I learn more.

Let’s look at the company’s record.

The @CourthouseNews database shows MyPillow listed as a defendant nearly 30 times, including lawsuits alleging fraud, unfair business practices, and wage violations.

CA prosecutors sued it twice for false advertising: settling the first for $1M, the second for $100,000.

The People of the State of California alleged MyPillow falsely advertised:

*a “double-blind” and “placebo-controlled” study.
*treating various diseases, like fibromyalgia, migraines and TMJ.

Prosecutors also claimed it touted an endorsement from a non-profit it paid.

One California class action alleged that MyPillow and Mr. Lindell:

* falsely called himself a “sleep expert” in infomercials.
* ran deceptive ads with bogus major media endorsements.

Screenshots from the lawsuit.

Another class action accused MyPillow of a bogus “Buy One Get One Free” promo on two standard/queen size pillows—refusing to honor the deal and instead offering a “discount” of a lesser amount.

The settlement: $6 per member; $2 million max for lawyers 

Remember: Mr. Lindell said publicly that MyPillow is sending hospitals “cotton masks,” under terms and specifications that have not yet been fully disclosed.

Almost all of the press coverage of Mr. Lindell’s remarks have focused on the culture-war aspects of this sermon.

Very little has vetted the consumer-protection concerns during a global pandemic.

Question: How did Lindell land the White House briefing invite?

FEC records show Lindell donated more than $200,000 to Trump’s campaign and Trump Victory PAC.

Two of those donations. 

Help me investigate:

* Are you a consumer who sued MyPillow for false advertising?

* Do you know any info about the terms of its mask-making deals, with what parties?

* Are you a hospital happy about or concerned with the product?

Contact me. DM for secure contact info.

To be clear:

If you want to reach out with info about why the deals are good, generous and on the up-and-up, please share that story with me too.

Wherever it leads, transparency leads to the public's great safety and protection during a national crisis.

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