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Building a remote business in a pandemic timeline: (thread)

Justification for spending for businesses and individuals is shifting massively.

The situation we're currently in introduces a whole new set of problems.

That's where your business comes in.

Now is the time to focus on transformation.

The bottom line: Get closer to the bottom line.

From struggling to steady.
From unpredictable to predictable.
From unclear to crystal clear.

For most, starting with service is the right move.

Higher price, faster provision of results.

If you can make or save a business $10,000, they'll happily pay you $5,000 to do it.

Insight into the @visualizevalue "Value Ladder"

From high touch service, to low touch product.

From outsourcing someones problem completely (service), to walking them through a proven system (productized service), to giving them access to a set of tools that they can use to do it themselves (product).

How do you do all of this at home in your pyjamas?

- Articulate problems
- Leverage platforms
- Build products

Here's a how it works for @visualizevalue:

1/ Visual Engineering:
A service that articulates your value proposition to ensure your prospects understand exactly what it is you're selling.

- Increases your conversion
- Ups your value
- Strengthens your team's communication

2/ Bespoke Trust Profile:
A productized service that we work through together, articulating your value proposition and building a content strategy to attract the right people.

- More resonant marketing
- Consistent publishing schedule
- Long-term reputation building

3/ Community & Daily Manifest
A product that gives you access to a community of people who are building something, and all using the same system to hold themselves accountable.

- Build better habits
- Build your network
- Make measurable progress
- Get real-time feedback

Problems = information.
Product = transformation.

Use "problem" content to drive traffic to "transformation" product/service/productized service.

The above is an illustration of the theory, the below is an illustration of the reality:

This stuff works.

This is a short excerpt from a @visualizevalue office hours session.

If you'd like to go deeper into any of the above, sign up any time:  https://bit.ly/2JanIqb 

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