Blair Braverman+ Your Authors @BlairBraverman Dogsledder. Author. Adventurer. If you like these tweets, you'll love WELCOME TO THE GODDAMN ICE CUBE (@eccobooks). Apr. 06, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

I heard you were looking for some CHAOS?

That’s right, friends. The team is home!

Yesterday we were able to drive up to Michigan and pick up the rest of our dogs, who stayed with friends while we in Alaska for Iditarod. They had a nice time with their new friends but we are all happy to be together again.

Clem is ready to play.

tfw you are ridiculously handsome

It’s Wickson!

tfw the belly rubs are gooood

Steger missed you!

He wants to know if you know the secret password.

What’s that? You say the password is snacks? Come on in!

Spring got curious about all the commotion. She’s never seen this many dogs before.

*hmm I think I could drive this snowmobile after the team this winter*

Flame’s like don’t mind me, just sitting here by this block of thawing meat. Just hanging out. No particular reason. You know how I like to sit places for no reason.

Boo wants to show you his serious face

But as you know, Boo has, like, a lot of faces.

Weegee loves having his face scritched so much that he flops over in bliss.

It looks like I’m holding Weeg’s collar here, because it’s such a weird position, but I was actually just scratching his chest and he got into this position himself. Is he part frog?!


Spike wants love too. We always have love for Spike.

There is one more dog who wants to wish you sweet dreams.

Maybe you know this dog.

it grünch

Grinch says this hug, and this love, are for you.

Good night, friends. xo

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