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We have some killer blog posts on managing and understanding your AWS costs with honeycomb, btw. Like this one by @eanakashima. 

Btw, are you chafing for career advancement, or want to be seen as a leader by your peers? My stock advice is, find an area that is important but under-owned and become everyone's go-to expert on that topic.

BE the hero who knows how to read and interpret an AWS bill. 😍

And billing is an exceptionally good candidate for "thing you pick to own in order to earn leverage and respect" because it is:

* unglamorous and habitually ignored
* will be mission critical someday, always is
* no flashy technical requirements, just diligence and curiosity

its main downside is lack of portability, or of interest to anyone outside your company.

if you're looking for more visibility and influence *in the industry*, you should find an emerging area of technology that interests you, and write about what you learn as you learn it.

It's much easier and faster to become an expert in a subject still young and evolving, and people are actively looking for new voices to listen to.

MongoDB was much better for my career than mysql was, despite having used mysql far more.

We act like these are things -- being viewed as a leader by your team, or known as an expert in your field of choice -- that just magically happen to some people and not others.

I wish people could feel less shame about simply stating what they want. These are achievable goals.

I'm having all these thoughts right now because I'm seeing it happen from the other side with observability.
Watching as brand new voices become well known for the stories they tell as early adopters and practitioners. There is such a ravenous appetite for fresh insights.

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