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i only caught the last 10 min of @seebails awesome talk at @o11y2020, but he was on one of my favorite hobbyhorses: observability-driven development. 😍

When you're deciding what tech debt to address, don't go with your gut or lean on seniority -- *instrument* to gauge impact.

tech debt tends to bubble up to our awareness with unreliable cost indicators attached. but with o11y you can *instrument* -- who's using it, how are they using it, how much is it used, what impact would a fix have?

intuition is great, but measure before committing resources.

maybe the thing you thought was super important, the thing is super visible and offensive to you personally will turn out to be minimal, or maybe it will be a serious hit to users across the board. you don't know til you measure!

he quotes -- "if you don't learn to sell, you will always be working for someone who does know how to sell"

... and observability is how you can sell your gut feelings to the business. by learning to think in terms of user outcomes, then instrument and measure those outcomes.

you've seen how people's eyes glaze over when you argue that it's time to do a painful library upgrade, or a complicated refactor, or to stop working on features and address db perf or cache strategy.

you need a shared denominator. and that is observability-backed SLOs.

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