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3/ Avoid close contact with anyone that has fever and cough.

Craig Liebenson+ Your Authors @CraigLiebenson Encouraging sustainable, healthy lifestyles so health span = life span [email protected] Apr. 07, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

“It is increasingly clear that simply expecting individual clinicians to adhere more closely to guidelines is not going to close the evidence-practice gap” #COVID19 facilitating #telehealth has unanticipated benefit of promoting high-value MSP care 🤔 

2) “effective “high-value” care for patients with low back pain (“benefit more likely than harm”) will only be achieved through large-scale top-down changes across health and social systems (“system strengthening”

#COVID19 is pretty “large scale” & “top down”

3) “Such changes include engaging policymakers, politicians & profession leaders to change laws & reimbursement practices;

4) “addressing counterproductive commercial pressures; creating incentives for optimal care; providing adequate resources for delivery of guideline care (including DIGITAL INNOVATION)”

5) “shifting professional education and training toward high-value care, including nonpharmacological approaches;...

6) “... dissolving boundaries between health care professions to create unified programmes of care; and changing culture and pain literacy among patients and populations to encourage prevention and positive health activity.”

7) “...along with the challenges and the risks, there is the potential for new technology to change and improve delivery of health care globally for conditions such as back pain.”

8) “The results paint a bleak picture: only a minority of patients apparently receive simple positive messages to stay active and exercise, while inappropriate use of analgesia and imaging persists.”

9) “The review adds to evidence that the care doctors give patients with low back pain is dominated by guideline-discordant interventions that are unnecessary, expensive, and “low-value” (ie, harm is more likely than benefit)”

10) Brilliant esp on upstream, social issues influencing HCP behavior, #knowledgetranslation gaps, & digital science and modern informatics. #telehealth takes low-value care off the table & auto-regulates high-value care. @JanHartvigsen @_Tyson_Beach @jeubanksMD @PeteOSullivanPT

11) High value MSP & #ncd care = education & exercise. #telehealth = self-care. @MattLowPT @JanHartvigsen @MaryOKeeffe007 Pretty simple. #firstprinciplesofmovement #fpm #beactive @WHO @M_Stamatakis @fiona_bull

12) “use education to facilitate active management approaches (targeted exercise therapy, physical activity & healthy lifestyle habits) reduce reliance on passive interventions”  @jpcaneiro @benedsmith @kieranosull @ewa_roos
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