Charity Majors+ Your Authors @mipsytipsy CTO @honeycombio; co-wrote Database Reliability Engineering; loves whiskey, rainbows. I test in production and so do you. 🌈🖤Black Lives Matter🖤 Apr. 07, 2020 2 min read + Your Authors

i recently began hand lettering as a way of winding down at night, and 🖌🖍hell yes✒️✏️ i'm down to do a zoom this weekend and talk about brush pens and pen drills and journals and scripty fonts and such.

Saturday, noon pacific. DM yr email for an invite, will cap ~7ppl. ✍️🖤

I made these last week during town hall to remind honeycombers they are being asked to:

- take care of yourself,
- your family,
- your work,
- the whole world, plus
- the disintegrating social compact

lol it is literally impossible to do it all unless you are like 1500 supermen

which is why all anyone can *really* ask is that you do your best, and -- most of all --

- 🌈focus on impact🌈

- make *some* forward progress on the #1 priority, every day.

- timebox your anxiety into am/pm blocks for freakouts

- and don't touch your face. do. not. touch.

my biggest worry is that people will feel bad about not being able to work "enough" (esp parents and caregivers) and will waste all their energy trying to seem responsive.

i would rather have 30 minutes of focus on priority 1 than 10 distracted hours of projecting availability.

like, none of us are performing at 100% right now. *none* of us. (except sociopaths?) the key to achieving our goals is not trying vainly harder and harder to do ALL THE THINGS, the key is ruthlessly shedding anything optional.

the key is to do less and say no to more.

but in order to adjust those goals, we need to know what our actual capacity is. which we *cannot do* unless people feel safe being totally real with us about their availability.

i think a lot of people are finding out right now just how fragile and precious that trust is. 💔

it's all fun and games until your boss asks how things are going, and you realize you're struggling to carve out even one hour a day to focus on your work.

none of us are gonna admit this, lol, the only question is just how glossy the story gets. ☺️

anyway, all this awkward hypothetical talk is bc i want to express solidarity for those in tight spots, but these aren't my stories to share specifics.

i'm grateful to have a team that cares so much for each other+the mission. and you deserve a team you can be forthcoming with.

oh, and the moral of the story is hand lettering is awesome, it's a great way of practicing an active, focused not-thinking-but-doing type of meditative headspace. it has really helped me wind down and drift off to sleep at night. sparkly pens are joy incarnate. the end.

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