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2 weeks ago, we tested about 100,000 people in a day.

Today, we tested 135,00.

That is a measly 35% increase. In 2 weeks!

During that time, # of cases has increased nearly 500%

# of daily new cases has increased 82%

And the % positive has gone from 17% --> 23%


We have fallen behind in the last two weeks.

Instead of ramping up vigorously and getting ahead of the virus, testing is falling behind.

Social distancing is good. It is helpful. It is helping. But...


But I'd argue our lousy testing capacity is making social distancing less effective.

Because we can't identify and quarantine all those who are infected, they continue to spread disease...just less bc of social distancing.

And with this kind of testing capacity...


Without a lot greater testing capacity, there is no way we can safely open up again.

Don't take my word for it -- read this excellent @aaronecarroll piece (@BarackObama did and he loved it) 


So I know tweets about testing are getting boring.

But testing is the linchpin for getting our lives back.

No, testing alone won't be enough. But it is essential.

I wrote about it @Forbes today. 


The barriers are plenty -- not enough swabs, reagents, PPEs, infrastructure, etc.

But each is surmountable.

Some states are doing it. More need to.

Congress should put real $ towards incentives for testing in next stimulus.

This is how we'll get our lives back.


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