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Let's talk about Cannibal Club.

Registered in 2008 

"Elspeth Blake"  search

From  taken in 2008 

Elspeth is a character created by Rachel Rose for an art project titled “Wil-o-Wisp” 

"Wil-o-Wisp (2018) follows Elspeth Blake, a mystic and healer, across three decades of transformation in 17th century agrarian England. She is first introduced as a wife and mother in 1570, when her daughter, Celestina, sneaks out of the house at night, an act which carries grave

consequences. In 1603, Elspeth reemerges as a mystic, healing a man through transference — channelling the life force from one being to another. Spied on by a townsman and reported to the town’s prefect, Elspeth is led away to face persecution."

Now let's talk about "Raven Chan"

Another istock photo taken in 2012 

Not Mark Zuckerberg's sister-in-law. His wife, Priscilla Chan, has two sisters.

"Dennis Chan and Yvonne Chan have three children; all are daughters, Priscilla, Elaine and Michelle. Elaine Chan is the second eldest child in the family." 

"Sophie Laffite"

This picture was ripped from a Spanish site. 

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