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“The the need for nu­clear power is clear, but politi­cians in many na­tions are spin­ning fab­u­list tales of a rapid tran­si­tion to zero-emis­sion power with­out the use of the atom.“

@EasterbrookG review of the excellent new book by @pwrhungry


“Hospitals are being flooded with sick people who need ventilators and electricity to stay alive. If you were one of those patients, what would you choose to power your ventilator? Solar panels and wind turbines or a 2,000-megawatt nuclear plant?”


“Electric grids in densely populated cities should not be too reliant on any one fuel source. Yet that is what is happening: New York is concentrating on a single fuel: natural gas... Cuomo should order Indian Point nuclear plant to remain online”


Indian Point is 23% of New York’s emissions-free electricity

@NYGovCuomo is shutting it down because “environmentalists” including @AOC @NRDC @SierraClub @EnvDefenseFund want him to

They promote renewables to greenwash their pro-pollution agenda

The effort to close Indian Point nuclear plant is, literally, corrupt

It included bribery by a natural gas company of top aides to @NYGovCuomo

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