Blair Braverman+ Your Authors @BlairBraverman Dogsledder. Author. Adventurer. If you like these tweets, you'll love WELCOME TO THE GODDAMN ICE CUBE (@eccobooks). Apr. 12, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

We’re doing an experiment with our retiree Refried. More than any other of our dogs, she’s a creature of habit, but we still want to give her options. So we set up a sheltered nook on the porch with a bed, a blanket, and toy fried chicken.

Now we’re just giving her time to hang out. Would you like to be a porch husky, Refried? It’s up to you!

(As a porch husky, Refried could spend as much time as she wants with her beloved brother Hari, who is kind of a social butterfly, but she could also have more quiet time for her introvert self.)

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