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Laura Kayali
+ Your AuthorsArchive @LauKaya Tech reporter @POLITICOEurope — ex @Contexte — Kardashian gifs lover and policy nerd — DM for Signal. [email protected] Apr. 21, 2020 1 min read

I’m at Amazon’s appeal this morning at the Versailles court of appeal. Context: A court told the company to limit deliveries to « essential goods », then Amazon decided to temporarily shut down warehouses.

Amazon’s lawyer argues the decision is unfair and inapplicable because « essential goods » are not defined.« Amazon is a very popular company in France », he also said.

The other Amazon lawyer says the court decision didn’t reflect the current sanitary situation in the warehouses, which has « significantly evolved ».

Amazon lawyer: We have tried to involve unions in our crisis-management decisions but they refused to negotiate.

Now it’s the unions’ turn to intervene.

Union lawyer: This case opposes two populations: those who are confined and those who cannot work from home and have to go work everyday.

Second union lawyer: In the current context, it is obvious that economic considerations should not overrule health concerns.

Third union lawyer: Amazon presents itself like a victim of an unjust situation the poor giant has to go through because of mean unions.

Third union lawyer: Let’s keep a bit of decency here. We’re talking about a company who’s founder Jeff Bezos made 24 billion since the pandemic started, while most workers are at minimum wage.

It’s over, decision on Friday 24. Watch this space for a summary later today.

Amazon told the French court today it provides a "crucial service." A move that could backfire in the longer run, when the European Commission seeks to impose rules on "systemic platforms." 

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