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I get tagged in these announcements on the regular these days -- "pendulum swingin back, gonna engineer again" -- and I *love* it. 🥰 nothing better than a surprise hit of secondhand joy. yay Adam!!

btw.. people sometimes express dismay that I am demeaning management. but that is really not my intent. 🤔

I will stop congratulating people on their return to engineering when they stop getting congratulations for their "promotion" to manager.

sometimes I wonder how much grief we could have saved ourselves by simply naming the role something other than 'manager'...

work coach, facilitator, team rep, connector, support staff.. man, there really are no good options are there 🙃

I was thinking about this last week while writing this talk on the sociotechnical path to high performing teams. (which was fucking impossible to write because I had five talks worth of material AT LEAST 😱)

so I was thinking about, like, what even *is* a team? one way of thinking about teams is as an abstraction for owning and delivering on units of work. a team is like a RAID device, it takes care of redundancy and failover and parallization.

think how hard it would be if you had to know the schedules of every single person in the company -- who is sick, who needs vacation, who left or was recently replaced.

teams let us function and just *assume* vast quantities of work will just kick into gear at the right time

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