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a few fun facts to celebrate 5 years of #AppleWatch

here’s a photo taken of the team on launch day, that’s me in the centre. (the beard ages me but my wife @bella_bongiorno won’t let me leave home without it)

here’s a reproduction of my original sketch for the home screen. the shape of the circular icon was driven by the clock that lived in the centre of what i originally called the dock. the crown gave the home screen a dimensionality, allowing you to scrub through layers of the ui.

digital touch was originally called E.T. for electronic touch. i called it that for its potential as a new form of emotional connection.

the drawing “ink" was inspired by my graffiti days. the ephemera was designed to communicate transmission while making it guilt free.

my first prototype was built on a 6th gen nano strapped to this band. i had just wrapped up ios5 and took it down to show the ID team what notification centre and siri was – and what it could be in the future. i never got to share it with steve. we lost him right after ios5.

i‘ve always loved straps that were uncomplicated, the mechanism for the loop watchband was an evolution of velcro speedmaster straps worn by apollo astronauts.

the butterflies in the motion watch face were shot and animated by @zuckermanstudio. none were harmed, they had already passed. andrew just gave them life.

here’s the blue 🦋 he lives with us now:

i created the solar watch face as a way for muslims observing ramadan to quickly see the position of the sun and for all to understand the sun's relationship to time. #RamadanMubarak

so great to see so much ❤️ for the watch.

i didn’t work on all of it of course and the pic isn’t the entire team. it’s not possible to name or show all.

interested in seeing some of their names? feel free to explore patents for some things i worked on: 

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