Karla Monterroso #CloseTheCamps+ Your Authors @karlitaliliana CEO @CODE2040, Board Chair for @1Deg, @USC alum - Connected, passionate, heart-driven, wanderlust, change maker. #WiseLatina 🇬🇹🇲🇽 PN: she/her/ella Apr. 27, 2020 1 min read + Your Authors

Unity isn’t a feeling. It is a process. A PROCESS. And let me tell you, processes take time. And every single move like this punts the time in which that process can genuinely start.

It jeopardizes it starting at all. Again, white supremacy asks people to subsume under an umbrella and veneer that promises to protect you. To be truly ideologically different, you have to create and uphold inclusion.

We often talk about inclusion as if it’s the happy joy joy alternative to homogeny. It isn’t. There is pain in either direction but you choose your pain. You have inclusion and the anxiety of not knowing the outcome but confidence that something built together will be better.

Or you have homogeny. Where there is certainty but by its nature creates the hurt and harm of exclusion. What @AOC is calling for here is for the Left to be strong enough through the lack of certainty to get a better more true result.

This does mean we each live with more uncertainty and likely more anxiety at an anxious time. But exclusion is destructive and corrosive. You can see that by just looking at the state of the country.

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