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1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 28, 2020

Q posts can be found here: 

Android apps: 

My Theme: [Watch] What Happens Next

2) 3 flags.
3 asterisks.
3 stars?

3) Who is a 3 star General?


5) On Friday, the New York Times published an article confirming that U.S. Attorney Durham is investigating leaks to media including the leak of the transcripts of General Flynn's phone call to former Russian Ambassador Kislyak. 

6) The article seems to be an attempt by the press to get ahead of a story that is about to break—a story involving the illegal surveillance of General Flynn and the prosecution of those who spied on him.

7) On Friday, the DOJ filed under seal evidence that is exculpatory in General Flynn's case. 

8) General Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell expects more documents to be produced. Some may be made public this week.

9) Today, Q reminded us of what he said last December.
Some of the exculpatory evidence was being used to indict those who illegally spied on General Flynn.

10) Q provided the chain of the command structure for several highly important FBI investigations, including the Trump-Russia investigation, the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and the investigation of the DNC server "hack."

11) If the top-level employees of the FBI, who were involved in these investigations were fired, what does it say about the integrity of the investigations?

12) What happens to these investigations if the investigators are convicted of crimes listed under 18 US Code chapter 115 — Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities? 

13) Here's my decode of the second line in tweet # 11

14) Here's my decode of the next line in tweet # 11

15) My decode of the next line in tweet # 11

16) #ButNothingIsHappening

17) The Mueller investigation had many unacknowledged purposes, including tying up evidence that would expose the deep state (DS) in an "ongoing investigation."

POTUS could not run his offense until the investigation was over.


18) Adam Schiff has access to the same information as Devin Nunes and knew the stories he told the public about the President were false, but he never expected the intel briefings he received to be declassified.

19) What happens when someone "knowingly" provides false information? 

20) How does George Soros communicate securely with leaders of the Democratic National Committee?


22) How does China communicate securely with the DNC?

23) In November of 2019, Q said bad actors (because they lost control of the intel agencies when POTUS was elected) must try to find ways to evade the NSA when they communicate.

One way is through online games like Star Wars.

24) Q posted the previous drop and a link to an announcement about the Star Wars game.

25) It looks like the bad guys will have to find another way to communicate. 

26) Speaking of communications, Twitter is having its own problems.


28) Twitter tech support

29) In February, George Soros invested $45 million in Activision, one of the largest game developers in the world. 

30) Star Wars Commander (SWC) halted purchases in mid-March, 2020.
Soros purchased Activision shares in mid-February, 2020.

Q drops what he knows when he wants to turn up the heat on bad actors

31) Info on Activision Blizzard.



34) "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion. On subversion instead of elections."

35) Full speech by JFK. 

36) I missed something I wanted to mention.

In legal cases, the plaintiff and defendants are named, such as "The U.S.A. vs Smith."

In this post, it seems as if the names of people who will be charged with crimes under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 are given numbers 1-6.

37) If that is correct, then this placeholder from April 10, with numbers 1-6 may indicate the names of people to be charged and not charges they will face.

I'm not certain if "Non_Civ" means non-civil (as in criminal) or non-civilian (as in military).

38) Corrupt politicians are desperate to maintain control of their kingdoms.

This is not about stopping a disease and saving lives.

39) This is a last-ditch effort to prevent President Trump from being re-elected.

40) Why are media platforms removing the content of anyone who disagrees with the official narrative?



43) The post some of us have been waiting for.



46) There has been a countdown underway with respect to the number of dots following the phrase "The silent war continues."

On Feb 6th, there were 5 dots.
On the 8th, there were 4.
On the 12th, there were 3.
On the 25th, there were 2.
Now there is one.

47) I don't know the significance of the decreasing number of dots, but it seems like we may have reached an important point in the process.

Stay tuned.

48) An anon noted that three shootings coincided with outages of the chat feature on Star Wars Commander.

49) Q asked why game chats would be disabled during a false flag event.

50) An anon thought bad actors might go silent during an operation.

51) Q said the anon was close and posted a well-known chat log from May 17, 2017, where members of the cabal plotted against POTUS.

52) Info on this chat can be found here. 

53) 4chan /pol/ thread. 




57) Q posted a link to a tweet by @WSatx

58) @WSatx posted screencaps related to the chat.

59) The chat on May 17 discusses having Erdogan thugs beat up protesters in the street.

60) Coincidence?

61) In the chat, Juules said Mueller was going live that night.

62) Juules was right.

63) POTUS has always called the crimes of the deep state treason.

64) Are you ready?

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