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yay, we've beefed up the honeycomb Free Plan -- and you can now sign up for it directly, without going through a sales trial! @fishmegs has a post on why this is so philosophically core to our mission: 🐝❤️ 

specifically, we added to our free tier the ability to search and sift through your query history -- *and* your team's query history. the grooves you have worn into your system.

this is an aspect of observability that seems to get short shrift; we learn by observing each other.

that's why i'm digging @cyen's stroll down memory lane, with its reminder of some of the principles we baked into honeycomb from the start -- 

think about how this actually works when you are trying to understand something about your systems --

- "hm, this outage reminds me of a thing that happened last month when ben was on call... let me see what questions he asked Wednesday evening that lots of people reran"

when you're dealing with distributed systems, a part of the answer lives in your brain, and a part lives in each of your coworkers.

raw systems data is critical, sure, but even more meaningful? how you and your team interact with that data. *that's* where superpowers live.

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