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Follow the World Health Organization's instructions to reduce your risk of infection:

1/ Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

2/ When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue - throw issue away immediately and wash hands.

3/ Avoid close contact with anyone that has fever and cough.

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1/Coronavirus Tweets from the Experts, 5/1/2020

Happy May! 

2/Let's start with Bob Wachter's latest Covid Chronicles thread, in which he discusses (among other things) scenarios for reopening the economy, and where we go from here.

3/The greatest failure of the U.S. federal government in this crisis was the failure to ensure widespread testing.

Let's not forget this in November.

4/An interesting and weird COVID symptom.

5/Missed this when it first came out, but a monkey study says reinfection isn't a thing:

6/I have yet to hear the people who make excuses for the U.S. coronavirus response explain South Korea.

7/One wonders why we couldn't do this BEFORE a pandemic hit.

8/The U.S. epidemic continues mostly unabated. NY is suppressing the outbreak, but it's still rising in many other places.

9/Bye-bye IHME Model!!

10/Forsythia Mania never dies

11/A timeline of Trumpian missteps.

12/ACE inhibitors don't appear to harm coronavirus patients, according to this research.

13/"Coronavirus only hits big cities."


14/Why you should be very afraid whenever you see someone call for "herd immunity":

15/Bleeding disorders in coronavirus patients.

16/Why #TestAndTrace, along with other suppression measures like mandatory mask laws, is our only real option for reopening the economy.

17/Vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines!

18/Why are meat packing plants getting hit so hard by coronavirus?

19/Remember, nearly all experts agree that "going for herd immunity" is nuts.

20/We need a huge national effort to hire CONTACT TRACERS!!


21/The Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program

22/More data from the Remdesivir trial.

23/Doctors can now use Remdesivir to treat coronavirus.

24/Another good thread explaining where the U.S. is headed as we move into May.

25/Hospitalization data shows that the U.S. outbreak, unlike outbreaks in other countries, is still getting worse. (with the exception of New York).

26/The effort to repurpose old, off-the-shelf drugs to fight coronavirus:

27/More data on the loss of smell and taste in coronavirus patients.

28/Physical distancing will have to continue even when our economy reopens.

29/Cutting off joint coronavirus research with China was a stupid move on our part.

30/The biggest obstacle to getting a vaccine might not be the science or the human trials, but...MANUFACTURING CAPACITY BOTTLENECKS.

31/HCQ is dangerous.

32/It's kind of worrying that so much vaccine development effort is going into mRNA vaccines, a new technology that has never actually managed to create a human vaccine yet.

33/Saliva tests might be a game-changer in terms of coronavirus testing.

34/Why are clinical trials so complicated and expensive?

Read the always-excellent @Dereklowe to understand:

35/And that's all for today! More tomorrow! 


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