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Alright, @webpack Hot Module Replacement question: how do you manually trigger a loader chain?

cc @TheLarkInn @debs_obrien


I have a JS config file that I use in my PostCSS config. When I change this file, I'd like for HMR to pick it up and re-run my Sass pipeline (the one that applies to my /\.(scss)$/ rule). Problem is, since my configuration file is a JS one, the rule doesn't apply to it.

Therefore, when I change it, HMR re-runs the pipeline that applies to my /\.(js|jsx)$/ rule, not the Sass one, because for Webpack, they aren't linked.

Is there a way to either list files as loader dependencies (but not to be handled by it) or to force a loader to run?

If that rings a bell, please let me know, I've been struggling with this for a while and so far nothing seems to fit!


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