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Sarah Mei
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Golfers are back in the Presidio Golf Course. So now instead of having a fantastic open space where people can spread out, and that diverse people can enjoy, this huge amount of public land is once again solely the domain of rich middle-aged white men.

I'd like to say I'm surprised...but I'm not. Sigh.

This will increase crowding on Presidio roads and trails, making it even harder for those of us who live here to exercise while keeping safe distance from others.

All so a few rich middle-aged white men can close their deals.


Hey @presidiosf - why are you allowing ~40 middle-aged white dudes at a time to trump the health of thousands of nearby residents?

If you really want to enable social distancing & save lives: CLOSE THE GOLF COURSE. LET YOUR RESIDENTS AND NEIGHBORS USE IT TO EXERCISE.

This is a great question. Why isn't it a park?

This evening there are still a few runners going through the course, who are of course being yelled at by entitled golfers.

If I was physically feeling up to it, I’d suggest a neighborhood mass walk-through of the course at lunchtime tomorrow🤔

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