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Hi y’all! I’d like to introduce you to two very good friends who are new to the team.

We have a new brother-sister duo in town!

They are pups of @BarbRaymie’s Bison who are just under a year old and came home with us from Alaska.

If you happened to visit Iditarod headquarters this summer and cuddled the sled dog puppies there, you might have pet these two.

We met them with their siblings at first...

And on our drive south, we brought their brother to his new home with @crisscrossracin.

But Q fell in love with the girl.

And I fell in love with the boy.

I still call him Angel Boy a lot but that is still not actually his name.

That’s because these pups had names when we met them.

They are from a bean litter.

His name is Lima.

Lima Bean.

The girl is Jelly.

Jelly Bean.

If you are keeping track, that means BraverMountain has two sets of brother-sister best friends named after beans—and they were born a decade apart from each other!

Let me tell you a little bit about their personalities.

Jelly is a little bit aloof. She think she is too cool for me and she is correct. She’s not afraid of people at all—she just sees us in a utilitarian way. Like a cat, or a completely well-socialized wolf.

Lima idolizes his sister and wants to be just like her, but he, like me, fails to be quite as *too cool* as her and lets little bits of a goofy side slip through.

Naturally, my focus for the past few weeks has been on convincing the aloof mini beans to love me.

Because I love them wholly and completely.

I even love that their preferred way to play with me is to eat my hair.

I love that they share food.

I love how excited they get about new toys.

I love how incredibly bad they are at climbing.

I love that the way they play with a ball is that Jelly runs around with it and Lima stares at her intently...

...but that when Lima gets the ball, Jelly immediately loses interest.

Many of you have asked where they fall on the Sled Dog Softness Index.

The answer is that they both score at 17.5, which is as soft as a thousand downy feathers, warmed by the sun, floating on a summer breeze.

(Here is more SDSI, for comparison.)

I am very grateful that every day I get to know our new teammates a little better.

And that now you will, too.

The end.

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