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We've been talking about personal growth but make sure it's not a stunted growth. I like using photosynthesis when talking about growth during workshops.

You need sunlight, water, oxygen, an enabling environment (good soil), etc.

Who are the people nourishing you?

What are the things/resources available for your growth?

How are you using your time, the resources and opportunities available around you?

Step back periodically to reflect on whether your frenzied pace is really getting you where you want to go.

Is multitasking and constant interruptions fragmenting your attention and limiting your ability to concentrate on important tasks or activities on your personal development plan?

Are you getting easily distracted? Who are your strong or weak ties? Who are those in your circle?

Periodically step back and look at your successes and failures. Which ones were due to lucky or unlucky circumstances? Did your successes come from alignment of the circumstances with your strengths? Do you know what your top 10 strengths are? What are you’re biggest weaknesses?

You can create or design your own personal growth and self-actualization lifecycle using any analogy.

Have a clear, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound goals (short and long term) for yourself.

Ask yourself what does personal growth mean to you?

You need others to help you grow, but how do you self-actualize? How do you grow? It’s a complex question. First, you must have a desire to “realize fully” your potential. Then, you must choose to grow.

Yes there is a reason for every season of growth. What will your choice be?

Personal Growth is a process of identifying the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual changes we desire and working in each area to improve and reach our fullest potential. It isn’t easy but everything we experience has the potential to open us, teach us, & grow us.

Growth and self-actualization can occur in 5 core areas: Physical, Emotional, Mental/Intellectual, Social, and Spiritual. When we feel weak in any one area, we can focus and work in that area until we improve. Each of these areas has the potential to influence the others.

Sometimes you need to reflect and focus on gaining more awareness about yourself (self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-mastery). Through personal reflections and expanding your emotional intelligence, you can match your strengths and weaknesses to opportunities that come along.

You need to strengthen your emotional intelligence if you really want to enjoy a healthy growth rate in your life. With self-awareness, you can pursue or create the opportunities that play to your strengths while you minimize your weaknesses.

Always track your growth.

Glad we have some reliable EQ coaches like @preshgaza that can help you during your journey of self-discovery, maximizing your zone of brilliance and also expanding your emotional intelligence.

To avoid stunted growth in your personal & career life, you need to assess your life.

People with stunted growth often believe they are much more effective than others think they are. Their insecurity means they won’t seek critical feedback on their own performance or personal behaviour. Some people like constant adulations and don't want to hear honest feedback.

Their “circle of delusion” is completed by being unapproachable with criticism or suggestions. This leads to a belief that they’re doing well because no one is telling them otherwise. May we not have people who won't tell us how some of our behaviours or actions can ruin us.

You need to learn how to stretch your comfort zone to avoid stunted growth in your personal and career life. Do something new outside of your comfort zone. E.g. making a presentation, doing a data or financial analysis, evaluating a program/project at work or for friends.

becoming more technically savvy, getting to know people at the opposite end of your personal style continuum or job expertise, getting out of your office and meeting with people throughout your organization, or taking a “soft skills” training program.

Stretching comfort zones isn’t supposed to be comfortable. It’s supposed to be challenging. There is pain involved, but it’s more like eustress, a beneficial stress. Adventure begins when we stop trying to remain the same and start being okay with what it means to change.

Learn to update your personal story with courage and abundance so that life does not elude you. Yes you can live a full life of meaningful adventures and self-discovery, & your path begins at the perceived limits of your comfort zone. Feel free to explore new zones of brilliance.

Know you different zones:

Comfort zone - Everything you know and have learned and are successful at is found within this circle/area.

Stretch zone - This is where all meaningful learning, growth and development occurs.

Panic zone - 'Fight or flight zone' all about survival.

Make a declaration about what you really want in life. carry out intentional actions, cultivate thoughts and declare things that fire up both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind to support your dreams. Update your mind with reminders of courage and growth-mindset.

When you are thinking about your personal and career growth, you need PEOPLE. The only way we can experience meaningful and healthy growth is with the RIGHT guidance, or support of others. 
Who are your strong and weak ties? Who are those in your personal learning network?

As you decide to live and lead a self-aware life, may your life path be bright and good. I wish you the very best as you embark on your journey of self-discovery, new directions, fresh beginnings or starting points that will launch you into a phase of healthy growth in your life.

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