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From reading research, taking a bunch of tests, and being a tutor for years, I think the problem with tests is that the less game-able a test is, the less of a useful skill it tends to test.

For example, take knowledge. Knowledge is, in general, a very useful thing! But it's also relatively easy to game a knowledge test by hiring an expensive tutor and having lots of free time because you're rich and have a supportive family.

The least game-able tests are things like SATs and IQ tests. But most of what they test is your ability to do lots of easy repetitive tasks very quickly. They're basically like testing your APM in StarCraft.

Thus, in general, the more we test stuff that's actually useful in real life, the easier it is for rich people to beat poor people unfairly. That's a general problem for the whole idea of mass testing as a measure of ability.


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