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Starting tomorrow, I will start learning Go via codeacademy & then try out tour of Go ( ).

I will post code snippets throughout the week and do a blog post on Sunday comparing the two and which is best for learning the language. 😃

For those interested about learning Go or its relevance today, check out this interview with Rob Pike, co-creator of the Go language 👉🏾 

Alright, Day 1 learning Go on @Codecademy. Learned the Go Basics in about 30 minutes and created some cool ASCII art so here is what I learned in some cool code snippets (created via @carbon_app)

Got an 80 on the first quiz 🤷🏾‍♂️

It was cool to immediately build something with the most basic code. That was pretty cool (and what I like about codecademy in general). Don't judge my dog and gopher 😂

Will continue tomorrow with part 2!

Day 2: Learned a lot about declaring and assigning variables. I'm really liking the := operator for just inferring the value of a variable in Go rather than always declaring a type (though it might be necessary in some cases). Anyway here's the code below!

Definitely didn't get the grade I wanted to on the quiz 😫 there's always tomorrow 🤷🏾‍♂️

Check out the thread for today and yesterday and will be back for part three tomorrow!

Day 3: Learned a lot about @golang switch, if/else conditionals, and Sprintf and Sprintln. It's pretty cool stuff! Plus, my grade today was a lot better than the last two days! 😅

Code Snippets utilizing different components of Go.

Will be back on tomorrow for Day 4! #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfCode

Officially done with Learning Go on @Codecademy over these past few days. It was been a pretty good experience and I can say that I definitely understand pointers and dereferencing pointers! See below for my last quiz grade. Not my best though lol 🥴

Code about functions in Go. I was able to go to space with this one 🚀

The code about pointers, addresses and dereferencing pointers

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