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my dear friend and college roommate has written her first medium piece, on the trials and travails of scaling k8s. it's a good one! (TLDR: "don't" of course)

oh jeez.. speaking of kubernetes. i have lately been slipped copies of multiple (!) pitch decks by scrappy young founders trying to raise $$ to build "observability for k8s" or "honeycomb for k8s".

which is.. great and all (really! validation!) except for one tiny thing:

your _runtime env_ isn't supposed to be the interesting part.


your code is what is constantly changing & shifting, your code is what your users are interacting with in unpredictable ways, your code is what needs to be traced and profiled and understood.

the thing that _runs_ the code is supposed to be


your k8s cluster, container id, etc are just environment ids, a few k/v pairs out of hundreds, and rarely of great use when debugging. it's like saying you're going to build "observability for ec2 instances". 😑

i honestly can't tell if these kittens are missing the point or crazy like a fox.

like maybe what i needed all this time was to just play it straight like "observability is a k8s thing" -- really commit to it; then wait by the door with a barrel for all the cash money flows in.

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