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I want to share my personal experience on how intentional networking, effective communication and investing in your performance & relationship currency can open doors for you.

May your behaviour not chase away your destiny helpers, activators and 'weak ties' away from you.

One evening I was on Facebook when I saw a networking event for young people in the city where I currently reside. It was a rainy day but I went for the event that evening🥶. I met brilliant people and 6 of the young women asked me to join them for snacks after the event😁.

We went to a nearby restaurant to talk, share ideas and eat😋👀. I told them that I recently moved here (new city) and unfortunately I couldn't start the job I got an offer for because the recruiter said the position got cancelled (lool they've given it to internal employee🙄).

So one of them said she has her own growing organization and she wants me to be part of it. The love and light from all 6 of them made me cry and I kept hearing, "Aww! Your feelings are valid!" Glad I had some ongoing gigs & adhoc projects to earn some cash (chai inside life😭).

I loved how that space with those young women felt so safe for me. I noticed the reciprocal vulnerability, the affirmation of our voices and unique self-worth, the assurance of hope, and the acknowledgment of our struggles as young women.

It was all about YES WE SEE & HEAR YOU.

The one who said she has a growing organization told me she will recommend me for a job. Few days later we met and I gave her my resume. The following week I started the new job (employer follows me on Twitter and LinkedIn). I helped my friend apply for grants and we got 3✅😁.

Yesterday she called me to ask if I would be interested in managing one of the core teams she has created in her organization. She already knows what I am really good at doing 👀💡. I said okay and shared some insightful growth strategies with her. She was so grateful🤗❤.

Now the main gist - she is currently worried about her own contract job with the govt which ends in August. I told her that I've already recommended her for an opportunity. She already has a good connection with the employer.

It ended with moments of joy and gratitude.

She is starting next month and will be directly supervised by me and other professionals at work. One good turn deserves another. She recommended me for a job last year and this year I did the same.

Weak ties? Destiny helpers? Activators? Invest in your relationship currency.

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