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Solid reviews rolling in for Design Fundamentals this week.

Appreciate you all massively. 🙏

If you're not a designer but you're interested in articulating your ideas visually, have a quick read of what other non-designers had to say after getting through it:


"The learning curve is not very high, the information is ultra-clear and on point, no bullshit (which I appreciate a LOT)." — Alex

"I just finished going through the course and can't recommend it strongly enough to anyone who want to get their design wings.

The entire course is filled with practical information that you can implement immediately for advancing the vision/ideas stuck in your head." — Jinson

"The course was brilliant. I like how it was clear, concise and straight to the point." — Ahmed

"This course is very easy to follow, chock full of actionable advice, and even templates to work with. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in design!" — Michael

"Jack delivers a masterful balance of theory, overview and detail to really help you understand the "why" of design while still encouraging and enabling you to take action and start experimenting." — Russ

"Jack keeps it simple and sticks to what's important (actually producing).

He will have you crafting simple and stylish designs in less than 2 hours." — Jes

"There's no fluff to this course. It's packed full with information.

The course itself is a demonstration of the principles he teaches." — Minnow

"A hyper-practical & inspiring introduction on how to tell stories with visuals." — Omar

"From the first module Jack dives in to his work process and distills the key concepts and how to apply them to a design.

The first and best design and visualization course out there. Jack gives you exactly what you need and the permission to start creating." — GJ

"Yes, buy this.

All the lessons are super relevant and straight to the point. Very awesome if you just want to get straight into it and build stuff." — Jesse

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