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Twitter is also your personal learning network (PLN) and on this platform you can find your weak ties.

Again be very careful on how you engage some people here. Not everyone deserves access to you and you don't have to participate in every trending issue.

Be wise.

Weak ties can open doors of opportunities for you.

Weak ties by Mark Granovetter.

Weak ties might bring you the crucial information about a new job opportunity, a new start up business or new connections into other areas of your peripheral business.

Individuals with more weak ties have greater opportunities for mobility. Your relationship with your weak ties should be maintained and cultivated, knitting your networks together to encourage information free flow between the different parts of your networks.

This information flow could be information you need to get ahead in your own work, or it might be recommendations and information about your skills and abilities to get you the job / contract / opportunity you've been looking for.

Your weak ties matter 

To Get A Job, Use Your Weak Ties
How do you put your weak ties to use when looking for work? Build two lists of people you've worked with over the last X years:

1. People who worked in the same function as you
2. People who worked in a different function. 

How your weak ties can change the game for you:

•Weak ties can also exponentially expand your network. 

•Individuals with more weak ties have greater opportunities for mobility.

•Access to the right opportunities and resources

•Coser’s theory of autonomy (built on Simmel): lots of weak ties provide "seedbed of individual autonomy."

•People with weak ties [Toennies’ Gesellschaft] live up to the expectations of several others in different places & at different times, which makes it possible to thrive.

People are getting jobs, scholarships, contracts, making good friends, building the right network, getting access to opportunities on social media. How you decide to use your time is defo your personal business.
Your weak ties are here, on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Fb, etc.

Why the Secret to Getting Ahead in Your Career Is 'Weak Ties'

"The strength of a tie is probably a combination of the amount of time, the emotional intensity, the intimacy (mutual confiding), and the reciprocal services which characterize the tie.” 

Why You Need a Network of Low Stakes, Casual Friendships who are your weak ties

Weak ties can offer strong rewards 

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