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Trying out something new: a roundup of my threads & mini-threads from the past week.

- Personal Success
- Fake it/Make it
- The Firehorse Effect
- Product Questions
- Consistency/Clarity
- Hiring Mistakes & Archetypes
- Cultivating Wisdom
- Competent Executives


Heuristics for answering the question "Am I successful?"

People often misunderstand the advice "fake it till you make it"

Why competent people fail in a new job or situation: the Firehorse Effect

An interesting contemporary example of the Firehorse Effect (from @mannhingkhor)

Using the power of questions to evaluate product feature decisions as a product leader

Be aware that Consistency can be an Apple Pie Position.

Consistency is important, but when in conflict with Clarity:
Clarity trumps Consistency

Avoiding mistakes in hiring senior managers & executives at your startup or bigco

We want everything, and that's because we do not know what we truly seek

How to accelerate one's pace of wisdom cultivation

Important nuance related to the above thread

Executive competence / incompetence and Product Review meetings

Some ways for executives to address this

That was it for the past week.

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