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On weak ties and those in our personal learning network, I have met people on social media who have opened doors of opportunities for me. E.g volunteering in their organization, managing adhoc projects, access to industry experts, mentorship, genuine support system (GSS).

I know the importance of giving back or investing in people. Last year I nominated some women who received recognition in Canada and the UK. I have done resume editing, job applications, NGO growth strategy, and be genuine supoort system to them.

Who are your weak ties?

We need people like Dr. @adexmee who are speaking for others from a place of value. She told a client about my services, "Brenda does a really good job. So be ready to pay for the value and you won't regret it."
With my chest I told the client a minimum $200 per hr.

Yesterday @VictoriaIbiwoye was surprised that I accepted to do the webinar when she sent a message. I reminded her that someone is working on my digital product because she connected us via email.

Weak ties are very important. Also lesrn to offer value to others.

@adexmee, @esu_o and my friend Edith are women are using their time and platform to educate and uplifit others. Loool Dr. @ritapurity's LinkedIn will make you learn and laugh🤣.

Who are those in your personal Lear network?

Who are your weak ties?

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