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Product Strategy—in 1 tweet.

Rigorous treatment of where to play & how to win

Drastically improve odds of product success
Create org-wide clarity

3-5 years

Situation assessment
Target customers
Differentiation pillars
Brief action plan


What it isn’t:
Detailed project plan
Laundry list of priorities

3-7 pages

Strategy team:
≤ 3 people. Need market expert, creative product expert, tech expert. Don’t do strategy-by-committee

More do’s & don'ts👇🏽

Good strategy can be learned

Books—read twice:
Understanding Michael Porter
7 Powers
Good Strategy/Bad Strategy
Thinking Strategically

Recognize that strategy is vital (don’t pooh pooh)
Exec approval isn't the primary goal
Squelch any default project management mindset

Other resources:
Plenty, but @stratechery, @planetmoney, @freakonomics (podcast) are decent & generally applicable
Your domain-specific newsletters, industry publications

(note: don’t solely subscribe to Stratechery & think you’re done—Stratechery useful, but not sufficient)

Most common strategy mistake (Porter):
Strategy that is largely saying “we want to be the best”, upon keen inspection.

Litmus test (Rumelt):
Would the opposite of your strategic hypothesis be a viable strategy for a different company? If not, you likely don’t have a strategy.

Finally, important to say:

Every situation is different, impossible to fit this entire topic in a tweet or 2 to work for everyone

Use these tweets as pointers not a recipe.

Weeks/months of strategy work will usually save years of execution of the wrong thing. Worth it.


Pretty decent list of strategy resources in this thread

Important to also understand what is NOT strategy

A good product strategy makes execution so much easier

Creativity is critical in strategy
(and currently quite under-appreciated IMO)

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