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My general thesis is that the U.S. is having a general crisis of status anxiety, and that trust-fund socialists are only one small manifestation of that crisis. No one knows whether they're succeeding or failing anymore, no one knows where they fit in or who fits in.

Some things that have contributed to the General Crisis of Status Anxiety:

1. Fractal inequality (millionaires feel poor compared to billionaires)

2. Social media (see:  https://www.eugenewei.com/blog/2019/2/19/status-as-a-service )

3. The decline of big hierarchical organizations

4. The decline of Christianity

What makes you a Winner in America today?

Making $100 million?

Having 80,000 Instagram followers?

Sleeping with 300 people?

Starting your own company? Getting promoted to upper management?

Getting 37,000 retweets on your epic dunk?

What should you even be striving for??

I mean, my own criterion for being a Winner would be: "have a really cute pet rabbit".

But I don't get to make the rules, and so America remains roiled by status anxiety...

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