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From Momentswithbren to you:

Be valuable on the inside and outside.

Work on improving your core competencies (values, skills, attitudes, knowledge)

Have the courage to act, stand up for your values, and defend whatever you believe in - valuable, relevant & meaningful.

Learn to simplify things.

Don't be obsessed with what you want to become but focus on what you should do NOW.

You can be courageous, brilliant with ideas, etc. but if you are habitually angry, bitter and ill-mannered, you will not be able to deliver results.

Don't allow your current situation, station or location determine your life trajectory or define who you are. Your dreams are valid.

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and those willing to share knowledge with you.

Proactively search and identify relevant opportunities that can make you thrive in life.

Do meaningful things that you really enjoy.

Set clear, smart, measurable, achievable, realistic performance goals.

Learn to use some success metrics to track your set goals.

Learn to share your expertise with others.

Listen attentively and respond to questions effectively.

Respond constructively to others' ideas and suggestions.

Encourage active participation and cooperation within your team, your friends and family, followers on social media.

Be willing to take calculated risk and be tenacious.

Set out your ideas and thoughts in a logical pattern using mind maps is an essential skill in these types of roles.

Actively seek new ways of working to improve productivity.

Demonstrate a commitment to quality by taking pride in your work and also strive to deliver the best possible results.

Deploy structured thinking skills and generate ‘mind maps’ (diagrams used to display connections between ideas or concepts).

You should always be looking for opportunities to improve the way you work, generate ideas for streamlining processes and thoroughly check your work. 

Don't just find your passion. Also improve your competencies and find your target market or audience.

If you grow then you have something to give. Are you growing?

Do you have the ability to create and offer value to yourself and others?

What are you amplifying in your life and in your community?

Learn to ensure your interactions with others are always polite and positive.

Improve your ability to recognise and regulate your emotions and behaviours in different places, situations or environments (offline and online).

Improve your ability to recognise others’ emotions and perspectives and take them into account.

You will need to deploy logical reasoning to assess the information that you have and make the best decision in the current situation.

Be able to communicate clearly and concisely is an important skill for a number of reasons. 

Use concise, clear, appropriate languag.

Learn to successfully address key concerns and present mutually beneficial solutions.

Build successful relationships to ensure support during negotiations either in your relationship, friendships or business partnerships.

Learn to prioritise your different needs.

Use existing knowledge to develop original ways of working.

Work with others to brainstorm original, mutually beneficial solutions.

Use resources effectively to achieve objectives.

Prioritize your workload to ensure deadlines are met.

Take responsibility for mistakes and errors in your work and personal life if caused by you.

Use existing information to devise new ways of working.

Improve your ability to tackle unforeseen challenges using existing resources.

Respond calmly to criticism. Know the ones to ignore.

Proactively manage your feelings.

Identify the cause & effects of problems in your life

Analyze existing information to come up with appropriate solutions.

Improve your ability to identify relevant sources of information.

Finding patterns, evaluating data and reaching conclusions is essential for your personal growth.

Approaching a project methodically will produce better results than simply jumping straight in and trying to find an immediate solution.

Build your ability to visualize your goals.

Learn from your mistakes and failures.

Be open-minded and show willingness to learn or see the eorld through the lens of others.

Ensure your goals are written down, linked to a higher purpose, have a strategy in place with clear action plans and that they are framed positively.

Keep learning and make your environment smarter.

Stop amplifying negative energy especially on social media. May you not be known as a troublemaker or a destroyer but a replenisher and uplifter.

Remember to drink water, relax and mind your business (personal life).

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