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"Revenge porn" makes it sound like it would be entertainment if not for the vengeance aspect, right? It feels more accurate to call it sexual assault but I understand mainstream perception of the term is such that it would (inaccurately, imo) seem to exclude non-contact acts

Either way men are trash largely because we are socialized into practicing sexual terrorism as a fucking reflex

I have absolutely engaged in sexual terrorism, probably most often when I was a teenager but also recently enough that I had more than enough information to know how and why it was wrong, but socialization bypasses intellect invisibly

Point being that yes of course I am a hypocrite and yes of course I've hurt women because it's eminently possible to know how to say all the right things but lack enough self-awareness around enough issues to cause harm regardless

Just like racism can only be fought with active anti-racism, misogyny can only be fought with active anti-misogyny, and the first doorstep all men should land on, imo, is their own. I failed to do that and it's ultimately my fault more than socialized misogyny's fault

I didn't mean for this to get confessional necessarily but maybe me owning up publicly can allow other men to interrogate their past and future actions as well as adding a layer of public accountability to myself

Better term here for both "revenge porn" and "child pornography," thank you for this

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