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Here's a preview of what you'll likely soon see from pro-Trump US media, @RudyGiuliani & @jsolomonReports: 'Ukraine MP releases damning audio of Biden & ex-Prez Poroshenko discussing firing of ex-prosecutor Shokin. But the audio doesn't reveal anything new & is heavily edited.

Moreover, the recordings don't prove corruption on Biden's part or show Biden "controlling" Ukrainian offices. While Biden demands Shokin fired, he doesn't argue with Poroshenko about changing the law to appoint a "politically motivated" (Poro's words) new prosecutor in Lutsenko.

The audio recordings are clearly intended to provide more fodder for Trump supporters to attack Biden, the presumptive Dem nominee. But there's neither smoke nor fire in them.

If there's anything in the audio, it's Poroshenko's fawning over Biden (critics will say embarrassing); Biden pushing for nationalization of Kolomoisky's ("a pain in the ass," Biden says) PrivatBank before Trump takes office b/c Trump's unlikely to help out Ukraine financially.

These audio recordings, which again are heavily and selectively edited, were published on an obscure website and YouTube account called "NABU Leaks," which is a reference to Ukraine's Nat'l Anticorruption Bureau, an entity that Trump allies have attacked. 

The man who released the recordings today is Andriy Derkach, a shady Ukrainian lawmaker who was once a member of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian Party of Regions and a graduate of an academy run by the KGB. He met Giuliani in Kyiv last year. 

Derkach also recently hired pro-Trump ex-Ukrainian lawmaker Andriy Artemenko (AKA Andy Victor Kuchma) of "Ukraine peace plan" fame to lobby on his behalf in Washington, according to FARA filings. 

And so it begins.

If you don't want to read my thread (but you probably already have if you got to this point), you can watch and listen to @wiczipedia explain it.

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